Automate your sales activities with salesforce automation software and improve the productivity of your sales team. Empower them to sell more by giving greater visibility to the customer relationships. With SugarCRM your sales team can sell upsell and drive renewals.

Sales Force Automation CRM with SugarCRM

You need a Sales CRM or Sales Force Automation CRM when ....

Sales Activities

Do you have visibility into your sales team’s workload and activities ?
Do you still expect your sales team to send you daily and weekly reports by mail or by verbal conversations ?

Customer Information

Are you missing critical sales data that is leading to decreased sales closure rates ?
Does your sales team promote new products to customers while your support team is dealing with a massive support issue ?

Leads Distribution

Are you still collecting leads from various sources in excel sheets and distributing them manually ?
Do you track lead communication status in daily and weekly meetings ?

Sales Forecasts

Do your sales forecasts rely on guesswork rather than actual data from your sales people?
Is your forecast data scattered across multiple excel sheets that need to be constantly combined ?

Product / Service Price Lists

Are you missing critical sales data that is causing decreased sales closure rates ?
Does your sales team use old price lists for products / services ?


Are your quotes buried in emails and sales team’s laptops ?
Do you have to go through manual steps to get discount approvals for quotes buried in emails ?

Sales CRM Pricing And Editions

Choose Sales Automation CRM from Sugar Sell Editions for your need and budget


$ 49
  • 3 Users minimum, 5 Users maximum
  • Cloud CRM designed for SMBs with basic support


$ 85
  • 3 Users minimum
  • Enhanced Sales Force Automation and extensibility
  • with add ons and standard support


$ 135
  • 10 Users minimum
  • Comprehensive Sales Force Automation capabilities
  • with enhanced support

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SugarCRM streamlines sales activities, enhances sales team efficiency, and provides comprehensive customer relationship insights, enabling upselling, renewals, and improved sales performance. 

Reach out to us and start driving a sustainable growth for your business with SugarCRM Sales Force Automation (SFA) CRM.

SugarCRM is a comprehensive CRM solution

SugarCRM is an extensive CRM solution that encompasses three essential components of Customer Relationship Management. These components seamlessly work together within the CRM platform and include:

Sales CRM or Sales Force Automation CRM

This component aids sales teams in optimising their activities and improving efficiency. It facilitates the management of sales processes, tracks leads, and enhances customer interactions.

Support CRM or Service CRM

The support CRM component streamlines customer support automation by effectively managing complaints, support cases, and support tickets. It ensures timely resolutions and enhances customer satisfaction.

Marketing CRM

The marketing CRM component enables marketing automation by providing tools to manage campaigns and targets. It helps in creating and executing targeted marketing strategies, optimising customer engagement, and drive business growth.

Sales CRM to streamline your Sales Team activities

SugarCRM offers Sales CRM data that can be used to streamline activities of your sales team. With SugarCRM’s SFA modules, you can effectively manage and track the sales process. These modules provide management with detailed reports on the daily activities, quotations, and pipeline of the sales team.

Sales CRM for Stream line

Sales Force Automation Features

SugarCRM SFA features include

Lead Management

Manage and track leads effectively.

Contact Management

Maintain a database of contacts and manage them efficiently.

Account Management / Customer Mangement

Keep track of customer accounts and manage them seamlessly.

Opportunity Management/Deal Management

Manage and track opportunities and deals throughout the sales process.

Activities Management like Calls, Meetings, Notes and Calendar Management

Easily schedule and manage calls, meetings, notes and calendar events.

Forecasting and Pipeline Management

Generate accurate sales forecasts and effectively manage the sales pipeline.

Product Catalogue and Price List Management

Maintain a catalogue of products and manage pricing information.

Quote Management

Generate and manage sales quotes efficiently.

Contract Management

Keep track of contracts and manage them effectively.

Efficient Lead Management

Generate, organise and manage leads with simplicity

SugarCRM offers an efficient Lead Management solution that simplifies the entire lead handling process, from capturing leads to closing deals. With SugarCRM’s Lead Management capabilities, businesses can easily collect leads from various sources and allocate them to the appropriate salespeople or teams based on their preferences.

Efficient lead management with SugarCRM
Efficient lead management with SugarCRM

One of the key advantages of SugarCRM’s Lead Management is its ability to track the progress of each lead and ensuring everyone follows the same predefined steps in dealing with them. Thus It acts as the best lead tracking software. 

By centralising all lead-related information in one place, SugarCRM enables marketing teams to gain valuable insights from the leads and make informed decisions to improve their advertising strategies.

SugarCRM’s Lead Management offers a user-friendly and organised software tool that simplifies lead handling and improves overall sales efficiency. Features such as lead tracking, lead allocation and centralised lead management, businesses can achieve successful lead handling and processing. 

Account / Customer Management

Account Management capabilities in Sugar provide a comprehensive overview of customers and their associated information from Sales teams, Support Teams and Marketing Teams.  By consolidating all relevant data onto a single page, users gain visibility into not only account information but also associated sales opportunities, contacts, activities, history, cases and quotes. 

This holistic view, also called 360-degree view of the customer, empowers organizations to cultivate stronger and more customer relationships.

CRM Account Management
CRM Contact Management

Contact Management

A consistent way to interact with your contacts 

Sugar Contact Management offers a comprehensive solution for consolidating and managing company contacts within a single organized platform. The CRM software system connects contacts to associated accounts, sales opportunities, account details and customer support information. 

Importing contacts from various data sources is simplified with Sugar Contact Management. It supports a wide array of data transfer formats, including data, Act data and Microsoft outlook, Excel and CSV formats. 

The record merge feature simplifies the consolidation of similar records. Companies can easily combine information from multiple records, creating a unified master record. This reduces duplicate contacts and improves the cleanliness and accuracy of data. Contact Management is the key solution of Sales Force Automation CRM for organizations seeking to maintain a clean, organized and consistent view of their customer relationships. 

Opportunity Management/Deal Management CRM

Sugar Opportunity Management is a powerful tool that enables sales teams to efficiently close deals by providing them with a platform to share consistent sales information. Sales teams can track deal progress and record all deal-related interactions. The Sales CRM software offers the flexibility to customize the sales stages of opportunities and automate business processes using Sigarm, making it an effective deal management CRM/ solution. 

By using Sugar Opportunity Management, companies can gain a better understanding of their account status and build stronger relationships with their customers. The CRM software also enhances opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling by identifying potential areas for growth within existing accounts. Additionally, it ensures that all customer interactions are consistent across the organization, providing a professional and reliable experience. 

In addition to opportunity management, Sugar Sales CRM offers product price list management, quote management and contract management capabilities. These features allow companies to efficiently handle and organize their quotes and contracts, ensuring that all opportunity related information is easily accessible and up-to-date. 

SugarCRM Opportunity tiles view

Overall, Sugar Opportunity Management, along with quote management and contract management functionality, provides companies comprehensive sales automation solutions to effectively manage their deals, improve customer relationships and maximize sales opportunities. 

Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management is crucial for many companies, often seen as more important than sales funnel management. The distinction lies in how process-driven organizations approach sales processes from the buyer’s perspective, while companies focusing on the funnel analyze the sales process from the seller’s viewpoint.

Sales Pipeline Management is a vital component of Sales Force Automation (SFA). Sugar’s Opportunity Management module offers great flexibility in designing sales stages, enabling the sales team to effectively manage the sales pipeline. Sales Pipeline CRM enables the creation and tracking of sales pipelines for individual sales team members and team management.

Learn and get more information about Using SugarCRM For sales Pipeline Management and forecasting- CRM implementation simplified.”

SugarCRM Sales Pipeline Management
Sales Forecasting and Quota Management

Accurate Forecast Management

Accurate forecast management is crucial for businesses when it comes to Sales CRM. Companies rely on real-time data to accurately predict their sales performance in fiscal months, quarters and years. With SugarCRM”s forecast module, companies can establish sales targets for different sales teams, and sales managers can assign these targets to individual team members. 

These targets can be measured against the available opportunities and deals, taking into account their different stages and closing dates, to generate a forecast. Each opportunity can be categorised to be included or excluded from the forecasts, allowing sales team members to effectively predict their future performance. 

By analysing quotas, available deals, and their sales stages, teams can track their progress towards their sales goals early on in the fiscal year. Management can then make informed decisions about increasing or decreasing the marketing budget based on the available opportunities and the remaining target.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) CRM has been improved with a forecast feature that simplifies the process of creating accurate forecasts, backed by real-time data.


Team-Wide Calendar

Maintain a comprehensive calendar of calls, meetings, and tasks for the entire sales team. This ensures everyone is on the same page and deadlines are met efficiently.

Communication History

Effectively manage communication history at various levels, including account, contact, and opportunity levels. This historical data provides valuable insights into customer interactions and relationships.

Customer Engagement

Gain a more precise understanding of customer engagement. Sugar's tools allow you to monitor and evaluate interactions, helping you tailor your approach and improve customer relationships. These features simplify the sales process, enhance communication and organization, and ultimately contribute to more effective and efficient sales management.
SugarCRM Sales Pipeline metrics

Efficient Activities Tracking and Communication History

In the competitive landscape of sales, the ability to track and manage activities efficiently is of utmost importance. Sales representatives need to stay on top of calls, meetings, tasks, emails, and notes to ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks. Sugar’s Sales Management module streamlines this process by providing an intuitive platform for recording and monitoring these activities. This efficiency not only saves time but also ensures that the entire sales team operates with a high degree of organization and effectiveness.

SFA CRM and Key Benefits of the Activities Modules

Effortless Activities Monitoring

SFA CRM's key feature involves monitoring important tasks in sales domain. Sugar's Activity Tracking functionality streamlines this for sales teams. This facilitates effortless tracking of sales activities such as calls, meetings, tasks, emails and notes. Consequently, this seamless activity workflow prevents the oversight of vital sales interactions or tasks. This in turn, boosts productivity and accountability making SFA CRM the best sales productivity tool.

Data-Driven Insights

In the world of sales management, having access to valuable information is pivotal. Sales executives and managers can gain meaningful insights into their team's performance. These insights come from real data, providing a clear picture of the quantity and quality of sales-related activities. This data-driven approach equips decision-makers with the knowledge they need to make informed choices and pinpoint areas that may require improvement or fine-tuning. To put it simply, it's like having a GPS guiding you toward better sales strategies and enhanced team efficiency.

Seamless Collaboration

In the world of sales, working together effectively is fundamental for success. Sugar's system simplifies this process. It lets you create, assign, and edit activity records, promoting smooth collaboration within and between sales teams. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone stays in the loop and on the same page, making it easier to coordinate efforts and foster teamwork. With Sugar's system, your sales team can work together seamlessly, ensuring that everyone is informed and working in harmony to achieve common goals.

Thorough Communication History

One prominent aspect of Sugar's system is its ability to create a comprehensive log of all communications. This includes interactions with customers as well as communication among the internal team. This historical data proves to be a valuable resource for understanding past interactions and improving future engagements. It enables sales teams to offer a more customized and efficient customer experience, built upon a deep understanding of their communication history.

Boost Productivity with SugarCRM's Interactive Timeline Dashlet

SugarCRM Accounts Timeline

Quotes Management or Quotation Management

The Sugar Quotes functionality allows sales representatives to create accurate quotes that support multiple line items, currencies and tax codes. These quotes can be sent to customers via email, in PDF format, or printed and delivered. Additionally, a strong version control feature helps sales representatives manage multiple versions of quotes more efficiently. 

The quote product catalog dashlet simplifies the process of selecting product lines based on complex hierarchies. Sales representatives can easily navigate and click on the desired product line to add the product to the quote. This improves productivity for the sales team and management, thanks to the Quotation Management feature in SugarCRM.

Get more information from our blog Using SugarCRM for Quotes Management

SugarCRM Quote Management
SugarCRM Product Catalog

Products and Services Catalog Management

Sugar’s Sales CRM streamlines the management of products and services by integrating the pricing list directly into the system. This eliminates the need for the sales team to refer to external price lists when providing quotes or pricing information, allowing them to quickly respond to customer requests. With access to the product catalog, sales personnel can effortlessly generate quotes for requested products / services, significantly reducing response times. 

Furthermore, the product catalog empowers sales representatives to enhance forecasting by using it to populate opportunity line items. Additionally, they can leverage the catalog to create Quoted Line Items, facilitating the efficient generation of quotes. 

SugarCRM’s product catalog module captures comprehensive product information, including names, descriptions, prices, costs and discounts, thereby providing a holistic view of each item. Products can also be easily organised into categories and product types, allowing for clear differentiation.

Integrating the product catalog into our Sales CRM enables the team to run specific reports based on product types and categories, providing valuable insights.

Managing Subscriptions and Renewals

With the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) models and many product companies preparing for warranty and maintenance contract renewals, Sales Force Automation (SFA) CRM now includes robust features to facilitate tracking of renewals and subscriptions. Sugar’s Sales CRM offers comprehensive management of renewable services, including handling of co-term subscriptions. 

Upon marking an opportunity with renewable services as “Closed Won”, Sugar automatically generates the next renewable opportunity, enabling the sales representative to efficiently engage the customer for renewal.  The Renewal Console provides the renewal team with the ability to proactively monitor upcoming renewals and streamline the sales closure process. 

Furthermore, when customers require additional users for their subscriptions, the system automatically calculates the pricing on a pro-rata basis and incorporates new users into the renewal opportunity.

SugarCRM Sales Console
Sales Force Automation using Sugar Sell

Workflow Automation

Productivity Improvement with Business Process Automation

Workflow automation in sales force automation refers to the process of automating routine sales activities instantly or at a later scheduled date. SugarBPM, which is included in SugarCRM products, enhances sales productivity by completing routine sales tasks on behalf of the user. This includes automating lead allocation, sending initial and follow-up emails, and configuring various business processes. 

By performing specific activities at different stages of leads and opportunities, companies can standardize their customer communications and improve engagement with prospects and customers. Additionally, important sales activities such as discount approvals can be streamlined through workflow automation using SugarBPM. 

The Sales Force Automation CRM, along with SugarBPM and its associated modules and dashboards, enables automation in the sales process.

Let the Platform do the work so that the sales team can spend more time in selling.

Configuration and Customisation

Not all businesses operate in the same way or collect the same information about their prospects and customers. Each business has its own unique needs and preferences when it comes to data collection and management. For example, some businesses may use multiple currencies and time zones, while others may only use one currency and operate in a single time zone.

With SugarCRM Studio, businesses have flexibility to customise their CRM systems according to their specific requirements. This includes changing module names, adding new fields to modules, removing unnecessary fields, and altering how the data is displayed. The configuration and customization options in SugarCRM Studio allow businesses to adapt the CRM system to their unique needs.

SugarCRM Configuration tool
SugarCRM Studio

In addition to modifying the data structure, SugarCRM Studio enables businesses to make changes to default filters, menu items, and other CRM features. This means that companies can configure the CRM system to align with their business processes and workflows, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Overall, configuration and customization capabilities of the CRM platform empowers businesses to tailor their CRM system to suit their individual needs, ensuring that they can effectively manage and utilize their data in a way that best supports their sales operations.

AI-Enhanced Sales CRM

SugarCRM’s AI Based Sales Force Automation system now incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to harness historical data for predictive insights. SugarCRM’s innovative technology, SugarPredict, not only bridges AI capabilities to large enterprises but also caters to small and medium businesses, making it accessible across different product offerings. 

product developers integration

Lead Conversion Prediction

Within the Sales CRM sphere, SugarPredict utilises historical data and patterns to forecast outcomes, empowering businesses to make informed decisions. The Predictive Sales AI analyses CRM historical data along with various factors such as company size, industry and job title to generate potential outcomes for lead prioritisation. Equipped with this predictive information, sales representatives can prioritise leads with a higher likelihood of conversion.

Opportunity Conversion Prediction

In the Opportunities and Deals section, SugarPredict offers a win score or more likely to close indicator by comparing the current opportunity with past closed won and closed lost opportunities. SugarPredict identifies similarities using historical data like industry, location, size/structure, performance and conversion.. 

Reports and Dashboards

Sugar Reports module helps with comprehensive Reporting ecosystem for using the data collected by the teams over a period of time. Sugar provides more than 140 out of the box reports that can be used to see visually the data captured in Leads, Activities, Opportunities and other modules.

Each sales representative can keep his home page dashboard by adding the report’s visual summary as a dashlet. Management can configure their reports. Reports scheduler helps the team to configure regular reports to send automatic daily, weekly and monthly.

All these reports are drill-able and sales team can go to individual records directly by clicking on the report.

Detailed Information is available on SugarCRM reports and dashboards at SugarCRM Reports and Dashboards – An Overview.

Sales force Automation

Mobile CRM

SugarCRM Mobile app for Apple and Android makes SugarCRM as Mobile CRM. All the Sales Force Automation
features that are available on desktop CRM are available on Sugar Mobile App. These include all the modules and report dashboards. A user can easily do most of the work that he can do on desktop CRM on Mobile also

SugarCRM mobile CRM app interface display

Sugar Integration with Office 365 and Gmail / Google Workspace with Sugar Connect

Embed your SugarCRM within Google Workspace and Office 365 using Sugar Connect. Sugar Connect is an email client add-in that seamlessly integrates your Sugar data within Outlook or Gmail, simplifying your workflow by enabling various tasks without switching between applications.

Sugar Connect is more than just email and calendar synchronization - Here are some of its key features

Available for Products

Can be additionally Purchased as Add-On for

At $15 per user per month

SugarBPM - Advanced Business Process Automation

SugarBPM – Sugar Business Process Management Engine

SugarBPM enables the customers the ability to automate complex business processes using a CRM workflow automation engine based on BPMN Standards. These automated processes help customers increase productivity and reuse the best practices.

SugarBPM provides the answer for the automation in Sales Force Automation. Some of the standard automations enabled with SugarBPM are auto allocation of leads and discount approvals.

SugarBPM is explained briefly at  What is SugarBPM – An Introduction.

Access our detailed blog to know more about SugarCRM for Sales Force Automation.

Implementing CRM since 2004


ANS : A Sales CRM is a software tool used to manage sales teams interaction with prospective and existing customers.

ANS : SugarCRM provides a comprehensive suite of CRM solutions, including Sales CRM, Service CRM and Marketing CRM. Among these, Sugar Sell is specifically designed to cate to the needs of sales teams, thus serving as the dedicated Sales CRM with the SugarCRM product lineup. With its focus on enhancing sales processes and enabling better customer engagement, Sugar Sell exemplifies the capabilities of a Sales CRM.

ANS : CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, encompasses a software tool that oversees a company’s interactions with target customers, prospects, and existing customers. The activities spanning from marketing and sales to post-sales support are captured in the CRM. On the other hand, Sales CRM specifically focuses on managing the interactions from prospects through the sales process.

ANS : Sales Force Automation (SFA) refers to the use of software tools and technologies to streamline and automate the tasks and processes associated with sales. These tasks include lead management, contact management, sales forecasting and more.

ANS : Sales Force Automation systems leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide predictive support to sales executives. By analysing historical data, AI prompts sales executives to identify the most promising leads with high probability of conversion.Additionally AI can alert sales executives when opportunities are veering off track by monitoring conversations and activities at the opportunity level.

ANS : In Sales CRM, forecast modules allow sales managers to assign goals to their sales team and monitor their projected sales commitments based on the existing opportunities and quotes. This process is known as sales forecasting within CRM.

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Sales CRM Implementation Using Sugar Cloud Products

Sales CRM Implementation Using On-Premises

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