Automate your sales activities with salesforce automation software and improve the productivity of your sales team. Empower them to sell more by giving greater visibility to the customer relationships. With SugarCRM your sales team can sell upsell and drive renewals

You need a Sales CRM or Sales Force Automation CRM if…..


01As a sales manager, do you have visibility to the workload / activities of your team members ?
Do you still expect your sales team to send you daily and weekly reports by mail or by verbal conversations ?


02Do you miss critical sales data that is causing you decreased sales closure rates ?
Does your sales team call your customers to promote a new product when your support team is engaged in a massive support issue ?


03Are you still collecting your leads from different sources in excel sheet and distributing them manually ?
Do you still track the lead communication status in daily and weekly meetings ?


04 Do your sales forecasts depend on your sales person’s guesswork rather than actual data ?
Does your forecast data is lost in multiple excel sheets that are to be continuously combined ?


05Do you miss critical sales data that is causing you decreased sales closure rates ?
Does your sales team call your customers to promote a new product when your support team is engaged in a massive support issue ?


06 Do you have your quotes buried in mails and sales teams laptops ?
Do discount approvals for quotes are buried in emails and take manual steps to get them?



SugarCRM is a complete CRM and comprises of the three components of a CRM. They are

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Sales Force Automation (SFA) CRM

SugarCRM provides SFA modules that help sales team to streamline their sales process. SugarCRM SFA modules helps management
with rich reports on the sales team’s daily activities and quotations and their pipeline.

Sales Force Automation Features

SugarCRM SFA features include

The standard out of the box modules provided by SugarCRM can be customized to get the right fields and reports in this area. Whatever may be the industry a company is in, SugarCRM can be configured easily for Sales Force Automation

Lead Management

Sugar Lead Management capabilities help companies capture and track leads from capture to close. Once you capture all the leads from multiple channels, they can be assigned to individual sales people or teams based on the criteria and tracked for success. A well defined lead life cycle can be enforced on the team to ensure lead interaction is standard across the sales team. By capturing and handling all the leads at one place, the marketing team can get right feedback to figure out and improve their campaign effectiveness.

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Account Management

Sugar Account Management capabilities provide a single view of customers across products, geographies, account, and status. In one single page, users see not only account information, but all associated sales opportunities, contacts, activities, history, cases and quotes. Account management gives your organisation the ability to build tighter, more profitable relationships by understanding the status of each account.


Bhea SugarCRM Account Management

Contact Management

Sugar Contact Management consolidates contacts into a single location and associates accounts with sales opportunities, account information and customer case information. Proven import and de-duplication technology ensures that companies have a clean, consistent view of customers and relationships.

Contact impact

Import contacts from a variety of data sources in a few simple steps. Sugar supports data transfer formats for, Act, Microsoft Outlook, Excel and CSV formats.


Automatically ensure good data quality through de-duplication checks which scan for similar contact records upon import.ats.

Record Merge

Merge similar records in a few simple steps. With record merge, companies can combine information from multiple records to create a single master, reducing duplicate contacts while increasing data cleanliness.

Opportunity Management

Sugar Opportunity Management allows your team to close deals faster by sharing consistent sales information, tracking deal progress, and recording deal-related interactions. Customise Sugar to fit how your opportunity management process works, including sales methodologies, account details, and opportunity handling.


Bhea SugarCRM Opportunity Management

Sales Pipeline Management and Forecast

One of the key element of Sales Force Automation is sales pipeline management and forecasting. Sugar Opportunity management includes building the pipeline for individual sales team members as well as the management.

The standard forecast module can be enabled sales targets can be set to track the team. Each sales team member can include or exclude the opportunities on a monthly basis or quarterly basis thus management getting a good view of the pipeline.

More detailed information on how SugarCRM can be used for pipeline management is available at Using SugarCRM for Sales Pipeline Management and Forecasting.


Bhea SugarCRM Sales Pipeline Management and Forecast

Activity Tracking and History of Communications

Sugar Activity Tracking gives sales representatives and managers the ability to track their calls, meetings, tasks, emails and notes. Sales executives and managers can create, assign and edit calls and meetings records and this can be shared across individuals and teams. This also helps in effectively tracking the productivity of the sales team.

More than anything else, Sugar Activity Tracking module creates a comprehensive history of communication with the customers and among the team members.

Quotes Management or Quotation Management

With Sugar Quotes functionality, sales reps can generate accurate quotes with support for multiple line items, currencies and tax codes. Quotes can be delivered to customers via email, in PDF format or can be printed and delivered. Strong version control functionality ensures reps can more easily manage multiple versions of quotes. The new Quotes dashlet helps sales reps to choose the complex hierarchy based product line with ease by just navigating and clicking on them. There is significant productivity improvement to the sales team as well as management because of Quotation Management through SugarCRM.

Get more information from our blog Using SugarCRM for Quotes Management


Sugar Reports module helps with comprehensive Reporting ecosystem for using the data collected by the teams over a period of time. Sugar provides more than 100 out of the box reports that can be used to see visually the data captured in Leads, Activities, Opportunities and other modules.

Each sales representative can keep his home page dashboard by adding the report’s visual summary as a dashlet. Management can configure their reports. Reports scheduler helps the team to configure regular reports to send automatic daily, weekly and monthly.

All these reports are drill-able and sales team can go to individual records directly by clicking on the report.

Detailed Information is available on SugarCRM reports and dashboards at SugarCRM Reports and Dashboards – An Overview.

Bhea SugarCRM Reports and Dashboards

Mobile CRM

SugarCRM Mobile app for Apple and Android makes SugarCRM as Mobile CRM. All the Sales Force Automation
features that are available on desktop CRM are available on Sugar Mobile App. These include all the modules and report dashboards. A user can easily do most of the work that he can do on desktop CRM on Mobile also

Sugar Connect - Embed your SugarCRM within Google Workspace and Office 365 using Sugar Connect

Sugar Connect is an email client add-in that seamlessly integrates your Sugar data within Outlook or Gmail, simplifying your workflow by enabling various tasks without switching between applications.

Sugar Connect is more than just email and calendar synchronization - Here are some of its key features

Available for Products

Can be additionally Purchased as Add-On for

At $15 per user per month

bhea sugarcrm Advanced Workflow Creation with SugarBPM

SugarBPM – Sugar Business Process Management Engine

SugarBPM is available only with Enterprise Edition.

SugarBPM enables Enterprise customers the ability to automate complex business processes using a CRM workflow automation engine based on BPMN Standards. These automated processes help customers increase productivity and reuse the best practices.

SugarBPM provides the answer for the automation in Sales Force Automation. Some of the standard automations enabled with SugarBPM are auto allocation of leads and discount approvals.

SugarBPM is explained briefly at  What is SugarBPM – An Introduction.

Access our detailed blog to know more about SugarCRM for Sales Force Automation.

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Sales CRM Implementation using SugarCloud

Sugar Sell Essentials

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per user per month
3 Users minimum, 5 Users Maximum
Billed Annually

Sales CRM designed for smaller teams with all essential sales features offering basic support and seamless upgrade options.

Sugar Sell Advanced

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3 Users minimum
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Enhanced Sales CRM with extensive extensibility through AI powered add-ons and with the Standard Support.

Sugar Sell Premier

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10 Users minimum
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Advanced Next-Generation Sales CRM with built-in AI features and automation capabilities designed for complex businesses.

Sales CRM Implementation using On-Premises

Sugar Enterprise

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3 Users minimum
Billed Annually

CRM solution that combines Salesforce and Customer Service Automation, offering maximum control and customizability.

Sugar Enterprise +

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per user per month
10 Users minimum
Billed Annually

A comprehensive CRM solution that combines Salesforce and Customer Service Automation capabilities, including additional productivity features to enhance sales team efficiency and productivity.

Small Biz CRM for Sales Force Automation
Sugar Professional
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On Premise CRM for Enterprises
Sugar Enterprise
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Next Generation Sales CRM
Sugar Sell
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Sales Pipeline Management

Using SugarCRM For sales Pipeline Management and forecasting- CRM implementation simplified

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quotation management

Usin SugarCRM for Quotes Management-CrM Implementation Simplified

bhea SugarCRM Sales Force Automation

sales force management

Using SugarCRM for Sales Force Management Implementation (SFA) - CRM implementation simplified