What is SugarBPM – An Introduction


SugarBPM is the advanced automation series that comes along with SugarCRM Enterprise Edition and Ultimate Edition. Earlier it used to be called as Sugar’s Advanced Workflow Engine or Sugar Process Author. The set of features available with SugarBPM helps companies automate some of its key business processes, viz. setting up email automation, getting approvals from higher management and so on. Basically, it helps to make your business process smooth, and simple thereby giving authentic customer experience.

Who should consider SugarBPM?

As the number of employees grows the need for Business Process Automation grows. 

For example, let us think there is a 50 member sales team in an organisation that is using SugarCRM. Let us imagine the marketing team is very active and generates at least 10 to 20 leads per day. Now the biggest challenge is for someone to manually look at the leads and allocate them to sales team members based on the city. 

Another way, suppose in case a large customer support team is handling the queries, requests and complaints of a B2C organisation. Typically, the B2C company customers will be huge and suppose they get 20 customer support tickets/cases per day with 3 different teams to handle the three different types of requests namely queries, requests and complaints. 

If the team installs a customer support portal where the customer is given a choice to categorise the issue as one of the three types, then in such a situation SugarBPM can help the system automatically allocate the issues to the corresponding team.

This kind of automation saves a lot of human effort, and since this is instant activity and capabilities to the table. There are many such areas where Business Process Management capabilities are required for today’s sales and support teams to reduce their non-value-adding tasks. 

SugarBPM helps in automating these kinds of redundant tasks that need continued monitoring.

SugarBPM Features

SugarCRM’s BPM features are delivered through 4 unique modules namely

1. Process Definitions

2. Process Business Rules

3. Process Email Templates

4. Processes

There are four modules together that constitute SugarBPM and facilitate the ability to automate complex business processes.

By using the process email template module, anyone can receive, analyse and react to emails that are sent as a part of the business processes.Processes module helps in viewing all the current processes for troubleshooting and monitoring.

SugarBPM module relationships between Process Definition, Business Rules and Email Templates.

Process Definitions Module

A Business Process is a set of logically connected tasks that needs to be performed to achieve a small goal/outcome in an organisation. The Process Definitions module in 

SugarBPM suite helps to determine the steps in the overall business process. A process definition consists of a network of activities, and their relationships along with the guidelines to identify the start and end of the process. Amid the start and end of the event, it contains the specific activities that navigate them towards the end event.

Process Business Rules

A Business Rule in SugarBPM ecosystem is a set of reusable conditions and outcomes that can be embedded in a process definition. The Business Process Rule module is tightly connected with the process definition module. 

These sets of rules can be enforcing a business policy or making a decision based on available information or infer new data from existing data.

Take the example of quote discount approval process. If the company policy is to allow a sales executive to give 5% discount at his discretion and anything above needs approval from the manager and hence can be enforced using the Business Process Rule.

Another example could be the distribution of leads based on geography. A business rule can also be defined based on the field city, where the particular sales executive or sales team needs the lead to be assigned.So any business rule can be enforced, using the system and at the same time, it can be changed, when the rule changes.

Process Email Template

A Process Email template is required when you want to send an Email message or an alert based on an event in Processs Definition.  Even though Sugar has an Emails module and email templates for support and campaigns,  process emails need to be triggered from Process Email Templates only.

With the launch of Sugar 9 and SugarBPM,  Sugar has once again added more value year after year to keep its product leadership in CRM market.

Bhea in partnership with SugarCRM provides clients with CRM solutions that improve sales and support productiivty. 

If you are looking to make your Business Process smooth and easy then connect us today for a quick demo of SugarCRM and SugarBPM potential.

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