Bhea Support and Maintenance Services

Bhea provides SugarCRM support and maintenance services that cover the application once a customer goes live with the implementation. Customers who are “On Demand” on SugarCRM servers typically require application support to ensure their customisations are working well and all their users are able to use the system well. However the customers who are on a private cloud or on premise require application maintenance that include infrastructure maintenance and support. For customers who are on private cloud or on premise may require maintenance of the following areas.

  • SugarCRM Upgrades
  • Supporting infrastructure Upgrades like Apache, MySQL, PHP and Operating
  • Systems upgrades
  • Debugging
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Database / Instance back up and restoration services.

Bhea’s existing customer can login to the Customer Self Service portal and log a complaint or directly submit a request.The request will be addressed by a qualified support executive with the applicable Service Level metrics.

Bhea SugarCRM Support Packages

  • If you have customised your SugarCRM and contact our Support Team for a proposal on a Support Contract. You can also buy our simple “Support Contract Packages”.
  • Once you buy the package you can start using our support portal to raise your tickets.
  • A CRM that suits manufacturing has a bit of deviation. Manufacturing companies require apart from traditional lead tracking and opportunity tracking, a good quotation system is the need of the hour.

SugarCRM Standard Support

  • If you have bought SugarCRM license, you are eligible for SugarCRM Case support. You can go to SugarCRM website and create a login and start raising the tickets to get timely solutions.
  • However if you are using out of the box SugarCRM and have bought SugarCRM licenses from us, you can approach us directly for Level 1 Support. Bhea has a Support Portal where you get a login and you can raise tickets as and when you require. We help in getting them resolved timely. If the problem needs to be escalated to SugarCRM for any support, we raise the ticket and take ownership of getting that resolved.

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