Complete CRM Suite for your Marketing, Sales and Support Teams

SugarCRM Overview

SugarCRM facilitates solutions for sales, marketing and service teams to collaborate across the entire customer life cycle. It helps businesses analyze their customers with high-definition customer experience (HD-CX). Whether you are a mid-sized business or an enterprise or a sales and marketing professional, the unified solutions offered to help you attract, track and retain customers.

Sugar CRM brings great innovation and value towards cultivating customers for life. 

Time. HD-CX – Time. HD-CX provides a complete historical record of every change event in the customer journey to ensure full situational and directional awareness of your customers and your business. Accurate predictions enable companies to make better business decisions, manage risk and identify and respond to problems and opportunities more quickly.

NoTouch Information Management – HD-CX maximizes automation of data collection, processing, analysis, and presentation to minimize user effort and overhead. This flips the value equation enabling users to spend less time entering and finding customer information and more time engaging with customers.

DataEnriched AI – Sugar’s AI-technology and machine learning algorithms aren’t limited by the data in your CRM. The user need not undertake a CRM cleanup project before seeing the value of AI. HD-CX AI models can produce remarkable results with limited or incomplete data and enable predictions beyond the scope of your CRM data alone.

Business-wide Efficiency – HD-CX provides well-integrated applications that automate, manage, and perform data consolidation across all customer-facing processes to enable coordinated engagement and shared purpose across organizations. It then grows beyond CX and extends its value by integrating with processes and data in other operational processes and systems across the company, such as finance or human resources.

Sugar Market

Sugar Market. All you need Marketing Automation Software

Sugar Market is SugarCRM’s marketing-automation solution. Sugar Market’s intuitive campaign builder along with its advanced automation and superior reporting enable marketers to understand engagement, improve conversion, and drive more revenue. 

Sugar Market aligns an organization’s marketing and sales team into one cohesive unit, providing the sales team easy and continuous access to key information directly in CRM. Sugar Market integrates SugarCRM as well as with several other CRMs viz Salesforce CRM, Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  

The below features make Sugar Market an All-You-Need Marketing Automation Software

  • Sugar Market helps you get your website discovered by combining SEM, SEO, and social media management tools
  • Attract more visitors to your website and gain visibility into how they interact with digital assets
  • Capture leads by creating conversion-focused landing pages, emails, and forms with intuitive, drag-and-drop builders
  • Qualify leads with multi-step nurture campaigns and sophisticated lead scoring models
  • Automation platform to drive alignment with sales and efficient handing off of most qualified leads
  • Advanced Analytics, a powerful BI-grade reporting module included with every package
  • Sugar Market has native integrations with more CRMs than any other marketing automation platform

Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell. Next-Generation Sales Automation Platform

Sugar Sell is an intelligent sales automation and customer management software that guarantees an outstanding user experience. As a business, you are creating a treasure trove of customer information all the time. It is only logically smart that you put that data to great use. 

Sugar Sell helps you do just that. It takes the customer data you generate daily every email sent, every account update, every social media message to paint a clear picture of the customer life cycle and journey. With their unique time-aware CX platform, you will always have instant access to the exact insights you need throughout your history with customers. 

The below features make Sugar Sell the next level Customer Relationship Management tool

  • Sugar Sell’s Sugar Hint helps you spend less time on collecting data points and data entry
  • Sugar Customer Journey Solution ensures everyone is working together and is informed about what actions to take at every step along the way
  • Stay steps ahead of customer needs by tracking your customer’s progress through the evaluation, selection, purchasing and on-boarding steps of their journey with you
  • Sugar Connect helps keep track of your most critical customer interactions and information, without ever leaving Gmail
  • Sync calendars, track emails, monitor social media activities and more
  • Customer and prospect details automatically sync in G Suite or Office 365 and pull relevant data to the surface as you interact with prospects and customers in real-time
  • Its Renewal Console helps you build lifelong customer relationships with automated renewals management
  • Increase efficiency and productivity across the organization with an enterprise-level CRM workflow automation tools designed to automate critical customer-facing processes

Sugar Serve

Sugar Serve. Superior Customer Service Platform 

Sugar Serve is the go-to solution for creating outstanding customer experiences. Too many companies today are investing time and money to capture leads and land sales only to watch those relationships crumble because of a bad customer experience. With Sugar Serve, it’s easy to keep customers happy. 

With a customer support platform focused on the features that matter most to service agents, you will always have instant access to the exact insights you need. From easy at-a-glance dashboards to robust self-service portals, Sugar Serve has all the essential features that help in enabling outstanding customer experiences. You’ll always be prepared to give customers exactly what they need – at any moment, for any issue or interaction.

The below features make Sugar Serve a compelling alternative to many Customer Service Platforms in the market

  • Sugar Serve’s intuitive service console guides customer support professionals to the next best action resulting in better response times and resolution rates
  • With Sugar’s Self-Service Portal, customers can easily search your knowledge base, get questions answered instantly and open cases for extra assistance
  • Have inbound customer service requests automatically routed to the right person. Whether you need to escalate a case or reassign it when too much time has passed, SugarBPM™ ensures no customer gets left behind
  • With our CRM reports, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Monitor performance across your business including marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles

Sugar Professional


Sugar Pro. A CRM for Small and Medium sized Businesses. Priced to fit the budget of any growing business, it includes everything the business may need to stay organised in a single powerful platform.

Sugar Pro helps small and mid sized companies align marketing, sales, support and executive management. It facilitates such that the marketing team can manage all campaigns across channels.

The below features make Sugar Pro the most preferred Customer Relationship Management Software for small and medium businesses

  • Sugar Pro needs little or no customization. It is ready-to-use as soon as it comes out of the box
  • Seamless upgrades are possible through industry-leading cloud hosting infrastructure, Sugar makes it easy for smaller companies to always have access to the latest innovations
  • Sugar Pro brings customer data into one place and builds on top of that with a complete system for sales automation, collaboration, and reporting
  • Businesses experience loss of  productive hours due to repetitive tasks when working with basic tools like Excel spreadsheets. Sugar Pro helps increase efficiency with its smart automation features

Sugar Enterprise


Sugar Enterprise delivers advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality to large companies that place a premium on flexibility and control. Business users will find an easy-to-use tool to manage interactions across the customer lifecycle. With the most flexible platform, intuitive user experience, and a broad ecosystem of partners, Sugar Enterprise is building a standout customer experience with cutting edge CRM technology. 

Executive management teams will find a full set of reporting tools to ensure they have the information necessary to make informed decisions. For IT managers, Sugar Enterprise places a premium on flexibility with a full set of tools for system management, customization, and integration.Read More »

The below features make Sugar Enterprise an absolute Customer Relationship Management Software with truly differentiated customer experience

  • Sugar Enterprise provides a robust set of configuration options to tailor screens, modules, and navigation with no coding requirements.
  • With Sugar Module Builder even non-technical administrators can create custom modules from Sugar object templates and relate them to existing Sugar modules to track important information.
  • Customizations performed in the Sugar Studio environment are fully upgrade-safe.
  • Sugar Web Services allow you to easily connect Sugar Enterprise to your existing IT environment or directly access the Sugar Enterprise database.
  • Sugar Enterprise allows companies to expose key CRM data elements through the Self-Service Portal. By allowing customers to access key account, support and entitlement information, Sugar Enterprise helps companies reduce support costs while staying aligned with customers.
  • With Sugar Cloud Console, companies gain greater control over how their CRM systems are deployed and managed.

Migrating from SugarEnterprise to Sugar Serve

Why the need to Migrate?

Sugar Serve is a customer engagement solution and Sugar Sell is a sales automation solution. These are two new product offerings beginning with version 9.1.0. The features inherent make a substantial case for Migration from Sugar Enterprise to Sugar Serve or Sugar Sell. Also to note that post Migration, your database will preserve the data for any modules which are no longer available following the migration.  

Customers should keep in mind that there are a number of features (e.g. Accounts, Contacts) available between the Sugar products that will continue to be available after migration, but there are also key features that are exclusive to certain products.

Below table provides a comparison of Sugar Enterprise with Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve, building a for benefits of Migration

FeatureSugar EnterpriseSugar Sell Sugar Serve
Opportunity Management, Forecast, QuotingYesEnterprise features + recurring product management, Console dashboard viewx
Account and Contact ManagementYesYesYes
ServiceCase Management, bug and feature request Management, Web Portal  xEnterprise features + updated web portal, business centers, SLA Management, team collaboration, time aware service reports, Service Console 
WorkflowSugar BPM and legacy basic workflowOut-of-the-Box Lead SLA Management using Sugar BPM Out-of-the-Box Workflow for common service processes using Sugar BPM 
ProjectsLegacy Project ModuleCustomer Journey, Sugar Integrate, etcCustomer Journey, Sugar Integrate, etc
Release ScheduleAnnualQuarterlyQuarterly


Learn in detail about migrating to Sugar Serve and Sugar Sell here 

Editions and Pricing

pricing-tablePricing and editions comparison between Enterprise and Professional Read More »