CRM for Corporate Travel Companies

CRM for Corporate Travel Companies

The travel industry has taken a huge step forward in terms of depending on internet and smartphones. Individuals whoever wants to go on business travel, family travel or tourist travel are doing lot of research online and booking them online. Traditional dependence on a travel agent has come slowly but steadily. However businesses that needs to book for their executives on year long basis still depend on corporate travel companies. These companies typically do not charge or keep per ticket commission, instead they charge service charges that depend on the overall booked revenues. This service charge as well as the deeper discounts the travel inventory supplier gives acts as their key revenue. However the main value addition for the end user comes from the money savings the corporate travel company support executive does by booking the best possible route with comfort.

These companies constantly work towards acquiring new customers and once a new customer is acquired their operations help in maximising the revenue. A CRM for constantly acquiring and account management optimises the productivity of the salespeople. Typically contracts are maintained and renewed every year and the service fee is a percentage of the total value of the bookings. So constantly renewing the contracts and negotiating the service fee is the key for the companies automation.

Contract Management

Apart from the traditional leads, accounts, contacts module, Contracts module helps the travel company to optimise all the contracting terms as well as keeping the contracts ready for renewal at the right time. Sometimes the conditions can be provided as options to the Contracts module and the total legal contract can be generated from the CRM as a PDF file for printing. Or SugarCRM Document template and Word Plugin helps in automatically filling lot of fields in the Contract.

Contract management terms and conditions while ensuring customer satisfaction

Traveller Profile Management

The support executive may be using multiple platforms to book tickets for the executives of the Companies. SugarCRM can be used to keep and manage company and their contact information. And an extended Traveller module helps in keeping the profile of each traveller along with his passport, visa and travel preference information. This information can be feed into the multiple disjoint systems for applying the travel preferences when real time booking is happening.

Customer support is for maintain and manage the modules

Customer Support Automation

SugarCRM Case Management module can be used for continuously tracking all the support requests and maintaining the SLAs that are being set internally. To ensure the support executive has all the information that is needed about the customer, the telephony system can be integrated with SugarCRM so that customer information pops out based on the caller number.

sending mailers about any travel advisory alerts

Travel Related Alerts and Communication

SugarCRM’s campaigns module can be used for sending mass mailers about any travel advisory alerts or some deals that might be useful.

corporate travel companies participate in events

Events and Exhibition Tracking

Most of the corporate travel companies participate in events and exhibitions to ensure their visibility goes to all corporates. SugarCRM campaigns module can be used to track these events and the contacts created during the event.

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