Industries and Clients Served

We service clients across a wide range of verticals: Manufacturing, Hospitality, Product Distributors, Travel Industry

SugarCRM Products We Implement

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Sales Force Automation with Sugar Sell

Sales Force Automation implementation using Sugar Sell Cloud

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Marketing Automation with Sugar Market

Marketing Automation implementation using Sugar Market

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Customer Support Automation with Sugar Serve

Customer Service Automation and Ticketing Management using Sugar Serve

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Sugar Enterprise On Premise Enterprise CRM

Sales force automation and customer support automation in single CRM using sugar Enterprise

SugarCRM partner for End-to-End CRM Implementation and Services

Contact Us For Online Demo And Experience The Power Of CRM

Demo of Marketing, Sales and Customer Support Features of SugarCRM

SugarCRM Services

End to End SugarCRM Implementation Expertise.

CRM Solutions specific to Industries

Manufacturing and Distribution CRM

Manufacturing and Product Distributors

Manufacturing and Product Distribution companies face..

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Bhea's Event CRM Solution - Optimized for Event Management

Event Management

An Event Management company has two responsibilities …

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SugarCRM for Telecom Industry

Telecom Industries

Telecom companies have by now mastered the art of marketing …

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CRM for Professional Services - Streamline Automation

Professional Services

Professional Services companies that are small and medium …

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Complete CRM Suite for Educational Institutions


Over the last two decades, many colleges and universities …

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SugarCRM for Media and Entertainment Company

Media and Entertainment

For many decades Media and Entertainment industry is the …

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Customised CRM Solution for Travel Industry

Travel Companies

The travel industry has taken a huge step forward in terms of depending on internet and smartphones…

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SugarCRM for Membership and Subscription Management

Subscription and Membership Management

Balancing Operational Discipline with a Renewed Focus on …

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Bhea SugarCRM Client Satisfaction

Here is what our clients say

SugarCRM Feature FAQ

Yes. We can help you with a comprehensive demo. Please Contact Us for more Information.

SugarCRM has a comprehensive set of products like Sugar Market, Sugar Sell – Essentials, Advanced and Premier, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise On premise. You may be able to choose the right product while buying the product. But once you buy the product, each product comes with its own set of comprehensive features. Sometimes it might be complex to use all the features if you are new to SugarCRM.
We want to make sure that you get the most out of all the features. We try to understand your business and your current business needs and help you the right path for getting the maximum out of SugarCRM products and features.

You are good at your business and as SugarCRM implementation partner since 2007, we are good at implementing SugarCRM. To make your CRM implementation as successful as possible, a SugarCRM partner like Bhea is needed. However if your CRM usage is very minimal or out of the box SugarCRM features will suffice, you may not require a partner services.

Yes. We do a lot of al carte SugarCRM services. You can buy our SugarCRM services package in 40 hour units and use them as and when required. These support hours can be used for consulting, Sugar admin activities, developmental activities etc.

Yes. All our services and solutions are done in house. We have full SugarCRM expertise to support any of your needs.

Our Snapshot

Why Choose Us?

Core Competencies

Portal Development with Responsive - 100%
CRM Implementation with SugarCRM - 100%
Deployment, Maintenance, Optimisation of SugarCRM and Portals - 100%
Continuous Learning and Continuous Improvement - 80%

SugarCRM partner Since 2007

Bhea is SugarCRM authorized Reseller

SugarCRM Authorized Reseller

We develop successful customer experience (CX) solutions using SugarCRM suite of products. Today we are one of the leading and longest serving SugarCRM partners. We started implementing SugarCRM in 2004 for our internal use and became official partners of SugarCRM in 2007.

SugarCRM Inc is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and is backed by Accel-KKR.

Our Partners

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customised CRM for Focalscope company
customised CRM for ozonetel company
customised CRM for Focalscope company
Bhea Partnership with Mautic
Bhea partnership with Google Cloud Partner
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