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Empower Your Marketing Journey with SugarCRM: Seamless Marketing Automation for Success.
Marketing Campaign Automations for business

SugarCRM Marketing Campaigns: Revolutionizing Marketing Strategy

Say goodbye to manual processes and say hello to efficiency as SugarCRM empowers you to streamline your marketing campaigns seamlessly.

With intuitive automation tools tailored to your needs, you can optimize workflows, nurture leads, and drive conversions effortlessly. Elevate your marketing game and stay ahead of the competition with SugarCRM’s powerful suite of automation solutions.

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Revolutionize Your Marketing Efforts with SugarCRM's Automation Solutions

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Targets and Target List Management

Sugar’s Targets module consists of individual people who are unqualified prospects that you have some information on, but is not yet a qualified lead. Information (e.g. name, email address) regarding these targets are normally acquired from business cards you receive while attending various trades shows, conferences, etc. Targets in Sugar are stand-alone records as they are not related to contacts, leads, accounts, or opportunities.

A target list consists of a collection of individuals or organizations you want to include or exclude in a mass marketing campaign. Target Lists can contain any number and any combination of Targets, Contacts, Leads, Users, and Accounts. Targets can be grouped into a target list according to a set of predetermined criteria such as age group, geographic location, or spending habits. Target lists are used in mass email marketing campaigns that can be configured in the Campaigns module.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Sugar Multi-Channel Campaigns centralizes the development, execution and monitoring of campaigns across multiple channels. With Sugar campaign management, companies achieve better visibility into the effectiveness of marketing spend.

Marketing Automation multi channel campaigns

Email Marketing

With Email Marketing, Sugar allows marketing managers to identify the correct target for a given campaign, design offers that convey the brand identity of the organization, and track the response rates once a campaign is executed.

Email Marketing Campaign automation

Web-to-Lead Forms

Designed for non-technical users, Sugar Web-to-Lead Forms simplify the process of capturing leads into your CRM system. By embedding a customizable form within customer-facing web sites, Web-to-Lead forms directly import campaign responses into Sugar. Marketing professional can designate what kind of information they would like to capture in each form to ensure useful information is handed off to sales people for follow-up.

Marketing Campaign automation web to lead forms

Lead Management

Sugar’s Lead Management gives marketing professionals the tools to manage prospects and existing customers. Qualify and track leads from multiple campaigns and hand them off to the correct sales representative. Ensure prospects lists are valid and marketing offers are coordinated. With Sugar lead management, companies have the tools to populate the pipeline with more qualified leads.

Marketing Automation Leads Management
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