Google Workspace from Google Cloud

Google Workspace / Google App for Business is a productivity and collaboration tool from Google.

Google Workspace includes

  • 1. Gmail for your own domain name.
  • 2. Calendar for your appointments and task management.
  • 3. Google Chat for Chat and Online Meetings.
  • 4. Google Drive for document, file, and directory storage.
  • 5. Google Docs for creating editable and shareable documents.
  • 6. Google Sheets for creating spreadsheets and managing information.
  • 7. Google Slides for creating presentations that can be shared.

With Google Apps for Business – Google Workspace you can work from anywhere using desktop, mobile app on Android and iPhone.

Email, Chat , Productivity Apps and Cloud Storage

Professional Email Powered by Gmail
Bhea SugarCRM Gmail

G Suite allows company employees to use Gmail accounts with email addresses with the business domain. For example if you domain name is, you can create for your employee abc, email id. This business domain email id comes with all the features of the free gmail account and also more for collaboration.

All the employee business emails can be managed by an admin console. Gmail mobile app on iPhone and Android phones can be used to access the business email.

Google Drive
Bhea SugarCRM google Drive

30GB and More Cloud Space for storing documents and files. Google drive is part of the G Suite and is an on demand file and directory system with a limit on the space. G Suite basic plan starts with 30GB but the Enterprise and other editions come with higher space. The files are directories stored can be accessed offline on the desktop and also available on mobile phone through the Google Drive app.

Comprehensive sharing features help in sharing the files and directories with other employees as well as external parties like customers and partners.

Google Drive comes with comprehensive search functionality for searching based on the name of the file and the contents of the file.

Google Docs
Bhea SugarCRM google Document

Create, edit and share documents on the go both on browser, offline and on mobile.

Google Docs allows you to create and edit text documents that we used for proposals, information documents etc. Google docs is compatible with Microsoft Word and other text documents and they can be directly imported. Once you make a Google Doc you can also easily export it to a Word doc or PDF doc.

Google Docs allows employees to collaborate among themselves by tracking the changes made and comment features. The changes can be approved by the shared person as well as the comments can be answered. The sharing feature makes the Google Docs a collaboration platform for creating compelling documents.

Google docs are by default stored on google drive but not counted in the space provided by G Suite. Like the google drive files they can be managed in the directory structure and can be shared individually or as part of the drive directory name.

Google Sheets
Bhea SugarCRM google sheet

Build, edit and review spreadsheets online, offline and on the mobile.

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application that comes with G Suite. It has most of the features of a traditional spreadsheet and gets stored in the google drive. You can import from Microsoft Excel or export the Google Sheet into an excel file or CSV file or a PDF file.

Google Sheets can be shared individually as well as part of Google Drive sharing. Real time commenting and continuous versioning helps in collaboration among the employees and external parties like customers and partners.

Google Calendar
Bhea SugarCRM google calender

Schedule meetings, calls and tasks and manage your time with ease. As business professional we have need to schedule calls with customers, and have tasks with deadlines. Google Calendar which is part of G Suite helps in scheduling calls and tasks with due dates. Comprehensive alert mechanism helps both on desktop and mobile.

Google Calendar that comes with G Suite can act as a group calendar for scheduling and managing a single group or multiple groups of employees.

Google Slides
Bhea SugarCRM google Slides

Google Slides acts as alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. These slides can be shared individually or as part of the Google Drive. Real time versioning and comment features help building the Google Slides with collaboration.

Google Forms
Bhea SugarCRM Google Forms

Google Forms help companies create custom forms easily and take feedback and surveys from customers and customers. These forms are easy to create and once someone fills the form the data is available in the Google Drive as a Google Sheet.

Google Chat
Bhea SugarCRM google chat

Set up audio and video calls for remote team collaboration. And have a chat facility that is available on desktop and mobile.

Google Workspace Admin Console
Bhea SugarCRM Google Workspace Admin Console

Google Workspace provides an admin console that helps in creating and managing the users along with the mobile device access. Companies can set the data security rules here.

Bhea’s professional services team can help companies migrate to Google Workspace from any other email platform like Microsoft Office. Bhea provides Google Workspace Setup, migration, and training services for the companies. Please contact us to know the suitable G Suite option for your organization.

Google Workspace - A Cloud Based Productivity Workspace

Google Workspace is a real-time collaboration productivity suite that helps the team to work seamlessly across multiple geographies and rooms.

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