Using SugarCRM for Quotes Management – CRM Implementation Simplified

Using SugarCRM for Quotes Management – CRM Implementation Simplified

In this second part of the “CRM Implementation Simplified” series, we look at using SugarCRM for Quotes or Quotation Management. SugarCRM comes with default module for Quotes and you can generate PDF files of quotes for your customers and send them by email directly.  If you have already used SugarCRM then it will be easy to get into quotes module, but if this is the first time you are implementing, spend some time on other easy to implement modules before coming to Quote Management.

Efficient quote generation using SugarCRM

Product / Service Catalogue Management

Efficiently manage product and service information in SugarCRM's user-friendly interface

The main information about your products and services goes to a module called Product Catalogue. You can give each product, name and description along with its price in this module. You can create as many product catalogue items as possible and associate them to the corresponding product categories and product types.

Each item can be made active and inactive. If the product or service is out of support, then you can deactivate.

These modules for maintaining products information are available only for admin users and should be given to the designated team.

SugarCRM empowering business transformation

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  • Promote better understanding of customers for more personalized interactions.
  • Access powerful analytics tools to analyze performance and make informed decisions.

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Quote Management and Generation

SugarCRM streamlined quote generation and management

Quote Discount Approval Process

SugarCRM discount approval workflow

Quote Life Cycle Management

Quotes module has default field for Status and this can be used to manage the life cycle of the product. It can start from Initial Interest to “Closed One” or “Closed Lost”. So management gets visibility to quotes that are going to be converted soon based on the status.

Products Module

SugarCRM's integrated products and quotes modules for efficient sales tracking

As and when a Quote is “Closed Won”, the products that are quoted will be visible at the company level in Products module. Sales Team and Support Team gets an idea of the products or services taken by the customer the moment they access the customer due to this.

So whether you are a small company where your sales team needs to give quotations continuously for your customers or a large geographically distributed team that needs to have a consolidated Quotation Management System, SugarCRM’s products and quotes modules will help.

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