Sugar Serve

Customer Support Software

Enhance customer service efficiency and deliver a unique and delightful experience at each interaction using Sugar Serve, the dedicated support software designed for our exceptional customer service team.

Bhea SugarCRM Sugar Serve

Elevate customer experiences during critical moments

Engage with customers on their preferred terms, empower employees with real-time insights, excel in fulfilling promises through operational excellence, and actively listen to customer feedback through automated processes driven by your platform. Rely on your platform’s capabilities to drive continuous improvement and consistently exceed expectations.

Boost Service Agent Efficiency

Empower your service agents to achieve higher productivity and swiftly resolve cases by eliminating the necessity to search for information across multiple tools.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Engage with customers on their own terms through omnichannel communication, including voice, chat, email, and self-service options.

Lower Service Expenses

Deliver top-notch customer service by automating critical processes and streamlining service, resulting in a more cost-efficient approach.

Sugar Serve

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Per user per month, 10 user minimum, billed annually

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Nurturing Customers for a Lifetime

Know How you can

Get In Touch

Providing accurate answers becomes effortless when the information is readily available in front of you.

Bhea SugarCRM see every issue at a glance

See every issue at a glance

Sugar Serve’s intuitive service console guides customer support professionals to the next best action. It means better response times and resolution rates for you, and more outstanding experiences for your customers.

Our service console leverages SLA information, along with case priority and severity, to intelligently prioritize each and every inquiry. You can also build better relationships, solve issues with ease, and can be more productive.

Deflect support calls

With Sugar’s Self-Service Portal, customers can easily search your knowledge base, get questions answered instantly and open cases for extra assistance — all without ever having to pick up the phone. Minimize overall caseload and resolve issues faster.

You can also create a comprehensive Knowledgebase, Minimize support costs, customize the experience, make it easy for your customers.

Bhea SugarCRM Create Killer Campaigns
Bhea SugarCRM Attract and Track Visitors

Route cases intelligently

Have inbound customer service requests automatically routed to the right person. Whether you need to escalate a case or reassign it when too much time has passed, SugarBPM™ ensures no customer gets left behind.

SugarBPM™ enables Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate edition customers the ability to automate complex business processes using a CRM workflow automation engine based on BPMN standards. Automated processes provide these customers with increased productivity, re-use of best practices, and the ability to effectively manage the customer experience.

Understand and monitor support performance

Use Sugar Reports to turn your data into insights. With our CRM reports, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Monitor performance across your business including marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles. Users can create real-time Reports and Dashboards on any metric and manage access, without having to rely on Administrators.

With real-time reports and dashboards, you’ll understand problem areas long before they become full-blown issues. Our customer service analytics let support center managers see what’s going well and what needs to be addressed.

Bhea SugarCRM Create Killer Campaigns

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