eCommerce Stores

eCommerce Stores

Ecommerce is a relatively new phenomenon, but in the last few years and from 2010 onwards eCommerce has penetrated into the nooks and corners of the globe. Many eCommerce companies either use existing closed or open source frameworks or they use customer engines that are built from scratch. Whether the eCommerce portal is for products or services, they start with a minimalist CRM system that comes with the system or is built in-house. But as the customers increase, this system looks limited and the need for a more robust CRM platform arises that integrates easily with the existing eCommerce Engine.Some of the key challenges which typically need to be solved while implementing CRM for eCommerce Engine are.

Customer Support Resource Management

As ECommerce Company grows or scales up; the key challenge is going to be to manage all the customer support executives, order management status as well as a comprehensive and complete response to each complaint. CRM system should facilitate the loading of these resources and their current status. SugarCRM workflow engine allows auto creation of cases from emails and auto allocation of cases to groups of support executives based on their availability and skills.

SugarCRM report engine can be used to pull reports on how effectively each executive is disposing the cases and how much time he is taking on average to close a case.

CRM for Ecommerce Stores

Comprehensive Integrations with back end framework

eCommerce happens at a faster pace in front of which even a span of 10 minutes looks like a long time. So, exchange of information between the systems should be immediate and that needs comprehensive and complete integration. A single point view of the customer with all the latest data should be visible to the customer support executive all the time. Even the communication of events like Order Shipped / Delivered etc., should also be sent to the customer the moment that activity is finished.

These kinds of timely communication are possible only if the CRM is tightly integrated with SMS gateways and email and other systems. SugarCRM with its RESTFul API framework, tightly integrates with other systems. Bhea has worked with many eCommerce companies where the predominant implementation work integrates all the systems together.

Ease of Use of the UI

One of the key challenges in managing Customer Support team is that the team may be low skilled on understanding large frameworks and thoughts. Most of them will be able to do the work well if they are given a task only to the extent the person needs to know. Customising UI and Views is the key to create a screen that displays the exact information in the perfect order that the executive needs to know.

SugarCRM’s Role Management helps in restricting the information in each view and SugarCRM’s flexible UI systems allows to have a custom UI to fit the requirement. Bhea has customised the views and UI to fit the executive’s role and his mental capacity in order to make him capable of assisting multiple customers.

Believability, Escalations and Productivity

SugarCRM’s workflow engine and Report engine facilitate in the creation of custom Escalation workflows that suits any organisation. The Reporting Engine can pull comprehensive reports to show how effective each Engineer is.

SugarCRM extensive customer support framework along with integration capabilities, helps in building a CRM for any eCommerce Company. Bhea has implemented CRM for eCommerce companies that use open source eCommerce engines as well as customer in-house built frameworks.

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