Know all about SugarCRM - FAQs

Question : What is CRM?

Answer : CRM is Customer Relationship Management used for managing business smoothly and obtaining satisfied customers. It is a system that enables to effectively manage everything from base to higher level operations. It eases out to maintain data, hierarchy and keep the management in loops about the whereabouts. With Bhea SugarCRM, one can have highly effective, simplified and advanced technology integrated customer management software.

Question : How CRM helps? Do I really need CRM?

Answer : In this digital age where traditional customer relationship management is being outdated, CRM comes to rescue with minimal investment that tracks, measures and organizes your business effectively. For a business with just a few employees, a single-user desktop application — such as MS Excel or Outlook – may be all that’s needed to keep track of customers. But there comes a point in an organisation’s development, however, when sharing customer information across teams or departments makes more sense strategically and also offers greater efficiency as the number of customer records increases.

Question : What do we really mean by open source?

Answer :

SugarCRM open source bundle offers the entire source code along with associated API documents that help CRM developers and architects scale the product to address modern technological advances along with providing completely customized solutions across industries.

 SugarCRM commercial open-source bundle is a software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to different assets. The benefit of these rights are:

  1. Study
  2. Change
  3. Distribution of software
  4. Control of Data

Question : Why SugarCRM?

AnswerSugarCRM provides a one stop solution to connect and manage marketing, sales and service teams all in one go. It collaborates the team across the entire customer life cycle. It empowers companies to give best world class customer experience. For more information on this click here.

Question : Why is Bhea the right SugarCRM Implementation Partner?

Answer : Bhea is SugarCRM’s most trusted Platinum Partner for over 10 years.  Bhea helped 200+ clients in implementing SugarCRM along with some of the largest projects in Asia Pacific. What makes Bhea stand out among others is that it strongly focuses in Manufacturing, IT/ITes, Telecom, Education, Real Estate and BFSI verticals, Ecommerce industries and many more.

Question : Is SugarCRM web based?

Answer : Yes it is web based and can be accessed from anywhere

Question : What are the best ways to migrate CRM to SugarCRM?

Answer : Yes, Data Migration is possible and is part of SugarCRM Implementation. Your data will be smoothly transferred and added to the current CRM maintaining the privacy and 100% security. For more information click here.

Question : How can I securely migrate my Salesforce CRM to SugarCRM?

Answer : Yes. It is possible and Bhea can help you with this. With Sugar Integrate Data Loader, we will be able to migrate your database from Salesforce to SugarCRM seamlessly and securely.

Question : Tell me about deployment flexibility and SugarCRM’s fees.

Answer : SugaCRM’s database architecture makes it possible to move your data to one deployment option to another if your business needs change which depends on your choice.

Question : What is the monthly and annual fee for SugarCRM license?

Answer : Yearly subscription, training, implementation and 3 month support

QuestionWhat is included in Bhea’s SugarCRM Implementation fees?

Answer : Bhea’s SugarCRM Implementation fees includes yearly subscription, training, implementation and 3 months support.

Question : Is there a trial available for SugarCRM?

Answer : 7-day trial

Question : Can I cancel subscription anytime?

Answer : Yes, you can but you wont get you money back

Question : What are the SugarCRM  training packages offered by Bhea?

Answer : The training packages offered under Bhea’s SugarCRM are End user training, Admin training and CRM Jump start.

Question : Is it safe to access my data across the internet?

Answer : Yes.

Question : What is the speed, performance and volume SugarCRM can handle?

Answer : SugarCRM can handle huge databases and volume of information.

Question : Can I export / import my data from SugarCRM?

Answer : SugarCRM allows data to be imported directly from the comma separated values or csv files. Most of the systems including excel can export data in the csv format. If you require help to import thousands of records, please contact Bhea Support for assistance on professional help, might incur additional cost. Also reports can be exported in PDF.

Question : Does the SugarCRM provide SMTP Server that I can use to send out and receive email?

Answer : No, you need to configure the mail server details that you are currently using, inside SugarCRM. You can configure email servers, such as Yahoo, Google or any other Main Server you are using.

Question : Can I upgrade to a higher edition after I have sign up?

Answer : Yes, please contact Bhea sales team.

Question : When I terminate my SugarCRM and decide to re-subscribe later, will my data be preserved?

Answer : Upon termination of SugarCRM, the data will be removed permanently. Upon re-subscription, there will be no data within SugarCRM.

Question : Will my data be preserved when I upgrade my SugarCRM edition?

Answer : Yes, your previously input information will be preserved when you upgrade your SugarCRM’s edition. However, downgrading of SugarCRM edition is not supported because the amount & complexity of data processed by higher editions of SugarCRM are more advanced.

Question : How do I choose the SugarCRM edition that is right for my business?

Answer : The right edition for you would be according to the features that meet your requirement in your business. To know more click here.

Question : How to Implement SugarCRM?

Answer : SugarCRM Implementation Strategy is created to run the process step by step smoothly. Follow this link for more information.

Question : Can I access my SugarCRM data from a mobile device?

Answer : Yes,  we have mobile app for SugarCRM.

Question : Which mobile devices are supported?

Answer : All Android devices, Iphones and I Pads.

Question : What are the license fee, terms and conditions of using SugarCRM mobile app?

Answer : They are all free with all paid editions.

Question : Can I automate my sales force on field using SugarCRM Mobile app?

Answer :Yes, you can automate sales force on field.

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