Question : What is CRM?

Answer : CRM is managing company’s interactions with current and future customers
It is use of technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, Customer services and technical support.

Question : How CRM helps? Do I really need CRM?

Answer : For a business with just a few employees, a single-user desktop application — such as MS Excel or Outlook – may be all that’s needed to keep track of customers. But there comes a point in an organisation’s development, however, when sharing customer information across teams or departments makes more sense strategically and also offers greater efficiency as the number of customer records increases.

Question : What do we really mean by open source?

Answer : An open source software is a software with its source code made available and licensed with a license in which the copyright holder provides the the rights to

  • Study
  • Change
  • Distribute the software for anyone for any purpose
  • Control of data

Question : Why SugarCRM?

Answer :

1) The world’s fastest growing CRM company
2) Founded April 2004; Cupertino, CA
3) 10,000+ customers in 80+ countries
4) 1,000,000+ users
5) Companies using SugarCRM

  • IBM
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Coca Cola

Question : Why Bhea?

Answer :  1) SugarCRM Platinum Partner for over 10 years
2) Implemented SugarCRM for over 200+ customers including some of the largest projects in Asia Pacific
3) Strong focus in Manufacturing, IT/ITes, Telecom, Education, Real Estate and BFSI verticals, Ecommerce etc

Question : SugarCRM is web based?

Answer : Yes it is web based and can be accessed from anywhere

Question : Data migration. Can I migrate my data from current system to SugarCRM? How much does it cost?

Answer : Yes, data migration is secured and is part of implementation

Question : is this migration secured?

Answer : Yes absolutely

Question : Deployment flexibility and its fees

Answer : Sugar’s database architechture makes it possible to move your data to one deployment option to another if your business needs change. Whatever is your choise.

Question : What is the licence Fee? Is it one time or yearly?

Answer : Yearly subscription, training, implementation and 3 month support

Question : What all things are included in implementation fees

Answer : Yearly subscription, training, implementation and 3 month support

Question : How does the 30-day free trial work?

Answer : SugarCRM grants to Licensee a temporary, personal, non-transferable, limited and non-exclusive right to access and use the Services during the Evaluation Period solely for the purpose of evaluating the suitability of the Services for Licensee’s use.

Question : Can I cancel subscription anytime?

Answer : Yes, you can but you wont get you money back

Question : Training pakage offered

Answer : End User Training:End User Training
Admin Training: Admin Training
CRM Jump Start: CRM Jump Start

Question : Is it safe to access my data across the internet?

Answer : Yes.

Question : I have huge database. Can the system take this volume of information?

Answer : Yes, you are able to do so.

Question :Can I export / import my data from SugarCRM

Answer :     SugarCRM allows data to be imported directly from the comma separated values or csv files. Most of the systems including excel can export data in the csv format. If you require help to import thousands of records, please contact Bhea Support for assistance on professional help, might incur additional cost. Also reports can be exported in PDF.

Question : Does the SugarCRM provide SMTP Server that I can use to send out and receive email?

Answer : No, you need to configure the mail server details that you are currently using, inside SugarCRM. You can configure email servers, such as Yahoo, Google or any other Main Server you are using.

Question : Can I upgrade to a higher edition after I have sign up?

Answer : Yes, please contact Bhea sales team.

Question : When I terminate my SugarCRM and decide to re-subscribe later, will my data be preserved?

Answer : Upon termination of SugarCRM, the data will be removed permanently. Upon re-subscription, there will be no data within SugarCRM.

Question : Will my data be preserved when I upgrade my SugarCRM edition?

Answer : Yes, your previously input information will be preserved when you upgrade your SugarCRM’s edition. However, downgrading of SugarCRM edition is not supported because the amount & complexity of data processed by higher editions of SugarCRM are more advanced.

Question : Which Edition is right for me?

Answer : This depends on what features you would like to have for your business: check edition and feature comparison

Question : How shall I start implementing SugarCRM

Answer : If this is the first time you are using a CRM Solution, you can follow the gradual implementation approach:

Getting the Basics:

1) Visit Bhea website and read the basics of a Customer Relationship Management
2) View online demos and videos to get better understanding
3) Play with the Free Trial version to see what it likes to work with CRM
4) Compare different editions to assess what is that you need


Simple register with Bhea for Free Workshop to get a quick start!!

Question : Can I access my SugarCRM data from a mobile device?

Answer : Yes,  we have mobile app for SugarCRM.

Question : Which mobile devices are supported?

Answer : All Android devices, Iphones and I Pads.

Question : What are the license fee, terms and conditions of using SugarCRM mobile app?

Answer : Its Free with all paid editions.

Question : Can I automate my sales force on field using SugarCRM Mobile app?

Answer :Yes, you can automate sales force on field.

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