CRM for Telecom Broadband Players

CRM for Telecom Broadband Players

Telecom companies have by now mastered the art of marketing and sales. Especially for telecom broadband players the differentiation of the product features is becoming thinner and thinner, while customer expectation of order execution and customer support is increasingly going higher and higher. A typical broadband customer will check for speed and the time from which he can start using the service. If we are not able to deliver the expected speed, at least he wants to know the accurate date of delivery of the service and once a delivery date is committed, he also monitors how effectively the date has been honoured.

With this growing demand, even though the traditional CRM features like Sales Force AutomationCustomer Support Automation and Marketing Automation are used, CRM is increasingly being used for Order Execution Automation and Planning.

Order Management

As soon as a sales person is ready with the purchase order from a customer, it is essential to have a systematic way of converting that to an Internal Order that can be tracked and available for viewing by the sales person. The Order at each stage should be communicated from the Start Date to the End Date to the customer so that Customer Engagement post order is smooth.

Bhea Order Management system built using SugarCRM
the process of planning, coordinating, and optimizing

Dispatch Management

To ensure that the Telecom Circuit is established from the Broadband player network to the end customer premises, there is a need for a visit by the technician to the customer premises. This is internally referred by broadband companies as “Dispatches”. Whether to deliver the modem or to finish the connection and test, the dispatch management is one of the key ingredients for a successful Order Execution. Companies can use SugarCRM’s customised module for planning the dispatch schedule of the technicians and coordinate with the customer for planning the date and time.

the process of planning, coordinating, and optimizing

Customer Equipment Tracking

For broadband players, an equipment must be installed at the customer premises for circuit provisioning. Tracking the type of the equipment and also finding the premise is a challenge, especially when a customer comes with a problem. Maintaining the customer equipment information in CRM helps in quickly escalating to the right person with the right details for supporting system breakdown support tickets.

SugarCRM’s Case Management module structure
Customised SugarCRM solution for Telecom Industry

Call Centre Integration

A tight integration between SugarCRM and Inbound / Outbound call centre helps the support executive to know who is calling and what the usual problems that he is facing are. With the latest APIs from different telephony solution providers, it is quite easy to integrate the call centre telephony solution with CRM for better performance by the Support Team.

Customised SugarCRM solution for Telecom Industry

Case Management

Once an order is executed and customer start using the broadband services of the company, Customer Support becomes the most important differentiating factor. SugarCRM’s Case Management framework helps in routing all support tickets from Email or Online Case Form to SugarCRM. The company level SLAs can be provisioned with Work Flow Automation. The SugarCRM workflow automation framework helps in creating triggers, alerts and automation tasks when a case is nearing its deadline.

SugarCRM Case Management framework helps in routing all support tickets from Email