Sugar Enterprise

The On Premises Enterprise CRM Solution

On Premise CRM from SugarCRM is a fully customizable, complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution designed for control and flexibility. SugarCRM Enterprise can be hosted on your own premises, private cloud or public cloud.

SugarCRM Enterprise Pricing and Comparison

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Edition Comparison
Edition Comparison
User Limits Min 3Min 10
Support Standard Enhanced
Integrates with Sugar Market Yes Yes
Third Party Add-ons Supported Supported
Code CustomizationsSupported Supported
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When do you need On Premise CRM

Deploy your SugarCRM solution on-premises for comprehensive control over your technology stack, or explore our hosting, installation, and deployment services on any cloud platform, including AWS, Azure, Google, and more

Governamental and Corporate Compliance

Meet the government compliance requirements and corporate level internal security policies.

Deep Customisations

When you want to comprehensively customize SugarCRM to exactly suit your unique business requirements, you may need an on premise CRM solution.

Deep Integrations

When your SugarCRM needs to be tightly integrated with your ERP or Tele Calling System.

Complete Control

When your corporate IT team wants complete control over your instance, whether it is due to your corporate policy of maintaining the security of your customer data or the head office's insistence, you can have complete control of your data if you host it on your own.

Extremely Large Database

SugarCRM on-demand/cloud comes with 60GB of storage. Adding extremely large amounts of data to this may become prohibitively expensive. That's when Sugar On-Premises helps you keep your database costs lower.


Sometimes, if your business experiences ups and downs in leads and customer inflow, integrations might significantly load the CRM. In such times, a self-hosted SugarCRM gives you control for scaling based on your needs.

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Allow us to demonstrate how Sugar Enterprise On-Premise CRM system can help you sell more and provide better service for your customers:

High-quality CRM is valued by sales organizations, but businesses needing on-premises software for security often have few options, leading to inferior CRM solutions. However, with Sugar Enterprise CRM you don’t need to compromise anymore.
With Enterprise and Enterprise+, You can get complete sales and service tools, including contact management, lead tracking, sales forecasting, customer support, quoting, contract management, communication tools, mobile access, and reporting. Plus, you can use features like guided selling, data enrichment, email and calendar integration, and mapping.
Enterprise SugarCRM is designed for on-site use, offering complete control over the technology setup and unmatched customization options. It empowers companies to have total command over security, privacy, and adaptability.
SugarCRM Enterprise Edition is built on a strong, flexible foundation that works smoothly with your business tools. You get full access to all APIs without hidden fees. Enterprise has pre-made CRM processes and lets you create custom CRM apps for your unique business needs.

On-Premise CRM System Core Capabilities

Custom CRM

No two CRM implementations are the same. To gain competitive advantage, companies must adapt the CRM system to match how their business functions. A robust set of configuration options exist to tailor screens and navigation, and even to add new modules with no coding necessary. With Sugar Module Builder, non-technical administrators can create custom modules from Sugar object templates and relate them to existing Sugar modules to track information important to the organization. These customisations, as well as any others performed in the Sugar Studio environment, are fully upgrade-safe.

Composite Applications

SugarCRM recognizes that integration with your other core systems is a key success factor in your deployment success. Sugar Web Services allow you to easily connect Sugar Enterprise to your existing IT environment, or directly access the Sugar Enterprise database. SugarCRM’s meta-data driven user interface ensures a smooth transition to future versions.

For the Extended Enterprise

In addition to a full set of sales, marketing, support and collaboration features, Sugar Enterprise allows companies to expose key CRM data elements through the Self-Service Portal. By allowing customers to access key account, support and entitlement information, Sugar Enterprise helps companies reduce support costs while staying aligned with customers.

In Control of the Cloud

Sugar Enterprise delivers a cloud computing environment within the product. Cloud Console allows companies to create, test, deploy and manage multiple instances of Sugar Enterprise. With Sugar Cloud Console, companies gain greater control over how their CRM systems are deployed and managed. Based on the Sugar Open Cloud technology that has been developed and refined over five years, companies gain more control and flexibility of customer-focused business processes.

Sugar Enterprise Features - a complete CRM

Sales CRM - Sales Force Automation

Service CRM - Customer Support Automation

Marketing Automation








Already a Sugar Enterprise user? Or considering Sugar On-Premise for your organization?

Bhea has extensive expertise in implementing and deploying Sugar Enterprise from the beginning, or we can help improve your existing Sugar Enterprise instance. Some of the services we provide include:

Some of our On Premise SugarCRM Customers

We have implemented SugarCRM On premise for many customers.
Installed, Deployed and Rollout Successfully.


ANS : Hosted CRM refers to a Customer Relationship Management system that is hosted on the internet, being stored on servers provided by hosting providers or on cloud servers specifically for the company’s use.A hosted CRM can be deployed servers such as those offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure or Microsoft Azure..

ANS : On-Premise CRM, also known as On-Site CRM or In-House CRM, is a system hosted within the company’s internal servers, utilizing the company’s IT infrastructure. This means that the company’s data is hosted exclusively by the company itself, rather than by an external vendor. Typically it is accessible only within the company’s network and is subject to their firewall rules. However, it may be exposed to the internet if the company’s employees are geographically distributed and require remote access.

ANS: Self-Hosted CRM is essentially an On-Premise CRM that is hosted on your local servers or cloud infrastructure by your own IT team. This arrangement provides you with full control over the CRM system, including its data.

ANS : In contrast to Cloud CRM, On-Premises CRM entails costs beyond the license fee. The total cost includes:
Sugar Enterprise License Fee
Server Infrastructure Cost
Server Software License Cost if you are using WIMP Stack
Security Infrastructure Cost
Server Upgrade and Maintenance Cost

ANS : Sugar releases updates for the On-Premises CRM Enterprise Edition once a year. It rolls out all the features released to the cloud quarterly, in a single update during the first quarter of the year.

ANS : Yes, the On-Premises CRM comes with a RESTFul API and can be seamlessly integrated with any other business application. We have expertise in integrating SugarCRM with other business applications and provide professional services to our customers.

ANS : Yes, we provide maintenance and support for existing Sugar Enterprise deployments. Additionally, we offer comprehensive consultancy, implementation and training for companies that are implementing Sugar Enterprise afresh..

ANS : Yes, if you are currently using another CRM, whether it’s a Cloud CRM or On-Premises CRM, we provide comprehensive migration services.

ANS : Absolutely! You have the flexibility to install and maintain your Sugar Enterprise instance on a variety of cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure, or any.

ANS : Yes. you can install SugarCRM Enterprise and Enterprise+ editions on your own local servers.

ANS : You can install On-Premises SugarCRM using either the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) or WIMP Stack(Windows, IIS, MS SQL and PHP).

ANS : SugarCRM is a commercial open source software, and to host it on premise, you need to acquire licenses to Sugar Enterprise.
In the true spirit of open source, you can utilize the LAMP stack – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, all of which are open source technologies, to host in on your premises. Therefore, if you are using an in-house supported open source LAMP stack, no additional software licenses are required.

However, if you opt for the WIMP stack – Windows, IIS, MS SQL, and PHP, you will need to purchase Windows Operating System and MS SQL database.

ANS : SugarCRM is predominantly written in PHP, although advanced java script technologies were utilized to build the platform.

ANS : SugarCRM provides a comprehensive Sugar Developer Guide that assists developers in adding new features to the system, extending the platform. Sugar operates Sugar Club at, where developers exchange best practices and help each other.

Do you still have questions about Sugar Entperprise ?

Hosted On Premise CRM with Flexibility Control Power

Sugar Enterprise is a versatile on-premises CRM solution designed for large companies seeking control and adaptability. This platform streamlines sales operations, facilitating personalised customisation, resulting in improved sales performance, heightened productivity, and stronger customer relationships. It allows you to host Sugar Products on your own server, granting complete access to all features without additional licensing fees or restrictions. Enterprise includes built-in CRM processes aligned with industry best practices and a customizable framework for creating CRM applications tailored to your unique business processes.

Business users benefit from an intuitive tool for managing customer interactions across the entire lifecycle, while executives gain access to a comprehensive set of reporting tools to make informed decisions. IT managers appreciate the platform’s flexibility, offering a full suite of tools for system management, customisation, and seamless integration. Sugar Enterprise is the ideal solution for large enterprises that prioritise flexibility, control, and efficiency in their CRM processes.

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