Sugar Predict – Boost your Business Efficiency with
AI-powered predictions

Sugar Predict – Boost your Business Efficiency with AI-powered predictions

Sugar Predict helps to analyze customer data against secure sources continuously, it provides bespoke AI-driven predictions. Empower your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with actionable insights, and accelerate growth by uncovering unique business opportunities. With proven rapid value, SugarPredict leverages deep learning on CRM and external data, boasting over 80% accuracy in identifying signals. Transform your business landscape with the unmatched predictive power of SugarPredict.

Predictive lead and opportunity analysis using Sugar Predict

Sugar Predict



per user per month

Available Products: Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve and
On-Premise Sugar Enterprise

Discover Unseen Market Prospects

Reveal complex patterns and trends that only a tireless AI engine can unveil. Witness these insights seamlessly integrated into daily Sugar products you use daily.

Amplify Sales Efficiency

Empower your sales teams with AI-guided lead prioritization, positioning you ahead of competitors and driving heightened sales productivity.

Seal More Strategic Deals

Utilize AI-based opportunity scoring aligned with your ideal customer profile. Witness heightened success rates, increased deal magnitudes, and fortified client retention.

Unlock Precise Sales Pipeline Insights

Embrace accurate forecasting and future opportunity projections with sales team members equipped with contextual historical data and insightful pipeline analytics.

Gain the AI Edge in Competitor Analysis

Benefit from Sugar’s service consultants who not only prepare you for AI integration but also guide you in optimizing in-product SugarPredict value models tailored to your unique needs.

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