SugarCRM Reports and Dashboards – An Overview

SugarCRM Reports and Dashboards – An Overview

The basic functionality of CRM helps bring all data about leads, sales team activities, quotes and opportunities at a single point. The data that is captured and being captured in CRM will be very effective if i is presented to individuals and management as a summary visual.  That is the reason reporting is a key feature of a successful CRM implementation.

SugarCRM comes with Reports module to facilitate reporting requirements of sales, support and marketing teams.

Sugar Dashboards and Dashlets

SugarCRM Reports module is supported by the Dashboard / Dashlet feature. Sugar dashlets add useful visualisations and insight into specific data that is living in SugarCRM. These dashlets can be added to any Sugar views like List View or Detailed View of records.

Sugar Dashboards are containers for multiple dashlets and are available on Sugar home page.

Sugar comes with out of the box dashboards that include many dashlets. And every report that is created by the user can be brought to a dashlet by the summary information.

Dashboard or Dashlet  makes the summary visual information of the report  available for multiple users like individuals, managers and management.

MIS Reports

Whether a company is implementing CRM for the first time or has been using a CRM for a very long time, company employees / IT support team requires MIS reports. Sometimes these MIS reports become the life line of management. These reports are typically operational in nature and used by executives and management.

Sugar Dashboard Management

Since dashboards are the most important things for management, Sugar facilitated Dashboard Management for creating, sharing , deleting dashboards. Sugar home page and also intelligent pane facilitates multiple dashboard concept. This helps in having dashboards based on the topic. For example you can create for the top management, a dashboard for sales, another dashboard for support and another dashboard for product / quotes and inventory. User can shift from one dashboard to another to the Dashboard menu that appears to the left most corner of the main menu.

In the intelligent pane, you can configure multiple dashboards.

Using the sharing dashboard feature, an admin or tech savvy user can create a dashboard and share it among their team members so that they can use it by adopting it. When they use a shared dashboard, it shows only the current user data or his eligible team data.

SugarCRM Reports modules comes with the following features

SugarCRM Standard Reports :

SugarCRM comes with close to 100+ out of the box reports that are built to get the summary information on the standard modules. Some of these reports are on Calls, Opportunities, Cases and Campaigns. These reports can be exposed to SugarCRM uses based on their roles. The Report output takes into consideration the security profile of the user like Role and Team. To understand more about the standard reports, go to “Reports” module and you will see all the reports that are exposed to your role and team.

Sales and Marketing Standard Reports

Some of the sales and marketing related repots include reports on Activities,  Leads, Opportunities, Quotes etc.

Sugar Activities Reports

One of the key requirement of Sales Team managers is key activity report of sales people. The following key out of the box reports are available in Sugar for Calls, Meetings and Tasks modules.

Sugar Activies Reports in SugarCRM

Sugar Sales Reports

Sugar facilitates extensive reports on Leads, Quotes and Opportunities module that help the team and management to improve decision making by the visual summary.

Sales and Marketing Reports in SugarCRM

Add or Modify Reports Easily:

SugarCRM Reports module facilitates users to modify the existing standard modules as well as add new reports as and when required. Adding a new report does not require a technical person but a tech savvy business user.

You can see the detailed documentation here

Sugar Report Types

Sugar provides report engine for creating four different types of reports. They are

  • Rows and Columns Reports
  • Summation Report with Details
  • Summation Report
  • Matrix Report

Visual Reports as Dashboards :

Sugar provides space for creating a dashboard for each individual or team or management within SugarCRM Home Page. User can create any number of pages within the Home and can add dashlets to bring the summary of the business module that they want. With SugarCMR 7.x version there is dashboard area for each List View and Data Record View that they call as “Intelligent Pane”.

Every Report that is created has associated Data View and Chart View. Based on the type of chart view that you have selected during the report creation the data is presented visually to the users in the Dashlets.

Some of the Chart Types supported by SugarCRM are

  • Horizontal Bar,
  • Vertical Bar,
  • Pie,
  • Funnel and Line.

Drill Through on Sugar charts

Drill Through on Sugar Charts in Latest SugarCRM version

Sugar Drill Through feature facilitates the user to see the data behind the charts in reports. When you are looking at a report, you want to get more insights into the data. Drill Through feature allows you to directly click on any part of the chart and open the list view of the records. Once you open the list view, you can access any of the record preview or edit or open the record for full view.

Dashboard for Mobile:

All the dashlets can be added to the SugarCRM mobile by the user and can be viewed easily.  The latest version of SugarCRM app on Android and iOS provides facility to view these dashboards easily on the mobile by the management or the user.

On Demand Reporting

When you are using any other methods like excel sheets for daily reports and weekly reports, you always get an older record. That too will be without old data. Many a times an individual or management needs to take a decision based on up-to-the minute data. Sugar reporting gives up-to-the minute information summary without the user doing anything to create them.

The realtime dashboards gives you the sales performance of the team and company along with the latest pipeline.

All of the on demand reporting is available in the sugar mobile application.

SugarCRM Enterprise comes with advanced reporting feature whereby technically competent people can directly insert SQL Queries into the reports from the Sugar UI to get the data they want.

Bhea provides SugarCRM Training that include SugarCRM Reports as a module so that once implemented Sugar can give the reports management needs. Contact Us for your SugarCRM Training Needs.