SugarCRM Support and Maintenance Services Package

Our support packages are available for both application support and maintenance. If you are using SugarCRM on Demand Instance then most of the application maintenance and upgrades are done by SugarCRM automatically. But if you are using SugarCRM On Premise

SugarCRM Application Support :

( For On Demand, On Site, Public Cloud and Private Cloud Customers)

Application level end user and administration support. As part of this you can use our Support Hours for any application level End User Issues, Enhancements, End User Walk-Throughs  and Admin Walk-Throughs.

SugarCRM Support Hours can be used for Studio level customisations, workflow creation and report generation or any other issue that may not required code level SugarCRM Development. Bhea Support Engineers also test the instance for upgraded based on the available support hours. Once you buy the package your issue or case will be our priority.

SugarCRM Support 40/3 Package:  40 Hours of SugarCRM Support Hours valid for 3 Months

SugarCRM Support 60/6 Package : 60 Hours of SugarCRM Support Hours valid for 6 Months

SugarCRM Support 120/12 Package : 120 Hours of SugarCRM Support Hours Valid for 12 Months

Depending on the volume of your expected support and changes you can buy any one of the packages. You will be given login to Bhea Support Portal and you can log your issue anytime.

All our Executives have SugarCRM Administration Certification and SugarCRM Developer Certification.

SugarCRM Application Maintenance :

Managed Application Support is valid for on premise hosted SugarCRM and Private / Public Cloud hosted SugarCRM applications. Your SugarCRM application may be hosted on premise or any cloud. Bhea can provide application maintenance which includes Installation, Operating System Upgrades, Application Upgradation, Application component upgradation like MySQL, Apache, MS SQL, PHP.

One of our key strength’s is performance optimisation and hardware sizing. Please contact us if speed is an issue while accessing your SugarCRM.

SugarCRM 7 Upgrade:

SugarCRM 7 version is a big architectural change from SugarCRM 6. It has been released in Oct 2013 and has gone multiple versions and is at 7.6 version. It is good to be on SugarCRM 7.6 to use the latest features and enhancements that have been introduced.

Please Contact Us for getting your SugarCRM instance upgraded to the latest version. We have fixed price upgrade packages that will help you to control your budgets.

SugarCRM Performance Tuning and Optimisation:

Our experience for more than a decade in SugarCRM installation, maintenance, integrations and performance optimisations has given us capability to offer explicit services like the following

  • SugarCRM hardware sizing and guidance consultancy.
  • SugarCRM Installation and Maintenance for On Site or Public Cloud or Private Cloud.
  • SugarCRM Integrations with standard applications or custom applications.
  • SugarCRM Performance testing and Optimisations.
  • SugarCRM Security Setup and preparation for Security Penetrations Tests.

Please contact us for more information and quotes for any of the above mentioned requirements.