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Open Source Marketing Automation

Automation is a tool that helps you save time, reduce mistakes, and work more efficiently on various marketing tasks across different channels.
Nurture the leads with Marketing Management

Streamline and Simplify Your Marketing Efforts with Mautic’s Easy Automation and Personalization

Effortless Marketing Campaigns

Mautic makes it easy to create marketing campaigns. Its platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so you don't need to be a tech expert to get started.

Tailored Digital Experiences

Mautic empowers organizations to personalize and automate every aspect of their online presence. This means you can create unique experiences for different users, making your marketing more relevant and engaging.

Dynamic Content Publishing

One of Mautic's standout features is its ability to publish dynamic content. This means you can easily change and update content across all your digital channels. It's a great way to keep your audience engaged with fresh and relevant content.

Multi-Channel Communication

Mautic supports various communication channels. You can reach your audience through email, SMS, social media, and even mobile alerts. This ensures that your messages get to your audience where they are most active.

Automate Your Workflows

Once you've set up your marketing campaigns, Mautic allows you to automate the entire process. This means that future interactions with your audience can be handled automatically based on how users respond to your campaigns. It's like having a marketing assistant that works around the clock.

Track User Engagement

With Mautic, you can keep a close eye on how users are interacting with your digital properties. Whether it's your website, software applications, or mobile apps, you can track user sessions and behavior to better understand your audience.

Smart Lead Scoring

Mautic lets you score leads in your CRM system based on how users engage with your content. This helps you identify hot leads and prioritize your marketing efforts accordingly.

Seamless Integration

Mautic is designed to work well with other tools. Whether you use third-party software or have custom, in-house solutions, Mautic can integrate with them seamlessly. This ensures a smooth and efficient marketing experience without any hiccups.

Key Capabilities of Digital Marketing Automation Using Mautic

Maximize Marketing Efficiency with Mautic

Deliver Targeted Content to the Right Audiences

Enhance Your Mautic Experience with Integrations and Analytics

Capture Leads Effectively with Mautic's Tools

Drive Engagement with Automated Marketing Campaigns

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Key Features Of Mautic

Managing Campaigns

Mautic’s campaign management and drip program creation ecosystem is flexible and easy to use. Create a campaign and define the actions or events that your contacts follow. You can automate the process of connecting with contacts and nurturing them during the sales process.

Integration with Social Media

Mautic includes default integrations with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on. These help in identifying the contacts and clicks that come from that social media platform.

Mautic Social Media and Campaign Management
Mautic Social Media and Campaign Management
mautic email campaign and integrations with open api

Email Campaign

Send personalised email campaigns to prospective customers and other segmented lists. Mautic comes with mass emailing capabilities with no sending limits depending on your overall subscription. Integrate with third party emailing capabilities for sending emails or CRMs for pulling targets. Mautic’s session tracking ecosystem helps in tracking the URL clicks, website browsing and sending follow up emails based on user decisions.

Integrations with Open API

Open source Marketing Automation platform Mautic includes RESTful API integration plugins to integrate with third-party applications.

mautic email campaign and integrations with open api

Lead Forms Creation

Forms are primary means to convert an anonymous visitor to a known visitor. With Mautic you can design valuable forms for your campaign to collect information. Build segments and give selected content to website visitors and progressively profile him with these forms. Mautic’s highly customisable form builder helps in creating forms easily by non-technical marketing team members.

Points and Lead Scoring

Mautic Marketing Automation solution allows you to create a lead grading and scoring framework. Lead scoring allows you to concentrate on the most promising prospects and improve lead conversion rates across the sales team.

mautic progressive profiling and data gathering
mautic progressive profiling and data gathering
mautic landing page ecosystem

Landing Pages

Mautic Landing page eco system helps in creating landing pages for each campaign and its user decision based campaigns. The Drag and Drop landing page ecosystem.

Mautic has a mechanism to keep the company and contact information connected for all interaction tracking. If more contacts from the same company are accessing the website and assets, the lead scoring mechanism can be enabled at account level to convert the prospect effectively into a sale. The personalised content for contacts can be customised based on the overall account level contact activity rather than the individual activity.

mautic landing page ecosystem

Progressive Profiling

One of the key features for Marketing Automation is progressive profiling. Mautic can be configured to capture incremental profile information by facilitating incremental access to content assets. As the user keeps requesting more and more information, an incremental profile field is asked. So instead of asking the prospect 10 fields in one shot, they are asked multiple times in one or two fields for each request.

Access to Reports

The data gathered from Mautic is available in reports format. Mautic comes with standard reports and also additional reports can be created by customisation. Detailed feedback through reports helps improving campaign effectiveness.
Effectively convert unknown visitors to known visitors with Mautic.
Effectively convert unknown visitors to known visitors with Mautic.

How is Mautic Different?

Mautic enables companies to create and set up useful campaigns quickly which takes days when done manually. The Mautic platform is easy to learn and simple to use and enables rapid iterations of campaign, emails, forms and landing pages. This eradicates obstacles so that companies can launch campaigns faster.

Marketing Automation needs to be smart to create and deliver defined, customised campaigns to any group of contacts on the right channels and at the correct times. Mautic uses a visual, whiteboard-style campaign builder to enable a multi-channel Go-To-Market approach so companies can increase engagement and conversions through the funnel.

In the times of Modern Marketing, Mautic is the one and only open marketing automation solution that smoothly plugs into existing tools and has the flexibility to adapt with any business. Mautic uses its broad API’s to accommodate any workflow and give companies full hold over their data. The result is exceptional use of data across all systems to give the best possible customer experience.

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