Unlock Success in Subscription/Membership Management with Bhea's Tailored SugarCRM Solution

Optimize Subscription and Membership Management with Bhea's Customized SugarCRM Solution

CRM for Subscription and Membership Management

With the increase in the number of on demand applications, there are many companies that offer monthly subscription services for their products and services. And lot of membership based organisations need to maintain their members information and their yearly renewals. For example an American Chamber of Commerce operating out of Singapore might need to maintain their members data at one place and maintain the relationship to ensure there is a constant engagement with the member.

Whenever there is an association or organisation that needs to maintain different types of membership levels and membership renewals SugarCRM customised for Memberships and Subscriptions can help companies leverage the solution. One of the key area of concern for these companies are acquiring new members, ensuring member’s engagement in membership benefits and timely upsell and renewal of their memberships. All of these three can be maintained well by the SugarCRM customised for Membership Management and Subscription Management.

helping organisations to maintain memberships

Membership Management

This custom module helps organisations / associations to maintain their typical memberships and their benefits and fee structure. Once a company defines these membership levels they have to be put across the website and the marketing collateral so that they are promoted. This module helps in capturing all the information and associate the memberships for each level and their current status on the payments etc.

Marketing and Sales

SugarCRM standard modules like Campaigns, Targets and Target Lists help in generating and processing leads for each membership level.

helping organisations to maintain memberships

Events Management

Most of these membership companies will have Events that are exclusive to members and events that have membership discounts. SugarCRM custom modules developed by Bhea for capturing Events, Sessions, Speakers and Participants help in integrating the core event management framework that organisation is working. There may be many benefits that the members get due to membership but events participation might be an active way of knowing the engagement level of each members thus knowing whether that members renew at the end of the membership or not.

Membership Benefits Engagement Management

Other than the events, many benefits that are available for members should be used by the members to feel a need for renewal. Bhea can work with your team on how to capture and bring the benefit usage pattern for each members so that renewal team can proactively work with the members. Some of these will be access to the portal where lot of information is put in for the members and buying of some discounted products etc.

SugarCRM custom modules developed by Bhea for capturing Events
SugarCRM’s Case Management module structure

Case Management

If one of the membership or subscription benefits is to provide a fixed number of support or information requests, SugarCRM’s Case Management module structure can be used to manage this as well.

Billing and Fee Collection

SugarCRM has been enhanced to bill the membership fee automatically by invoicing them at the right moment and capture the payment information and renew the Membership.

SugarCRM’s Case Management module structure

If you are a company that predominantly depends on Memberships or Subscriptions, contact us to ensure you get a demo of SugarCRM solution that is customised for your industry and you can start quickly.

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