SugarCRM Training and Adoption Strategy

Bhea Training Programs

At Bhea, we understand the importance of skilled individuals for your organisations’ success and profitability. So, we offer comprehensive training courses on SugarCRM.

Our training programs are packaged to suit your convenience and are offered as-

  • Online through WebEx
  • On Site at your location
  • In House Training Facility

General Information

Class Timings –Needs Duration?

Our open scheduled classes start at 9 AM, unless otherwise specified and end little over after 5 PM depending on queries and issues resolved. The last day of the training may end up a little early too depending on completion of the program. We generally provide Lunch break during 1 to 2 PM.

Online Timings- Needs Duration?

Our online Instructor led course starts at 4PM and ends at 7PM. The time is conveniently chosen not to disturb your regular work schedule. It typically goes for three to four consecutive days. During the training period, we advise to switch off your mobile phone and email client.

Payment Policy

Payment is due and payable in full no later than two weeks prior to the start of the Class. If the registration is performed within two weeks of the class, payment is payable within two days of registration. Enrolments not paid in accordance with the above policy are subject to cancellation.

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel classes if minimum attendance requirements, as determined by Bhea are not met. If an attendee is registered for a class that is cancelled, notification will be made in 5 working days before the class date.

Bhea is not responsible for any losses due to class cancellation.

For delegates who cancel their enrolment within 10 working days up to the first day of a class, fee will be applied to either of the next two regularly scheduled Bhea classes.

Training Methods

Bhea provides flexible Training Methods to suit many organisations and individuals. Contact us to know the availability of specific courses in the training method that is suitable for you.

Open Scheduled Classes

These are provided at our location or in a conveniently located classroom in a few cities. The classes are open to individuals from any company. This training method is ideal for companies that need a limited number of employees to get trained in this particular domain. The classes also provide fundamental knowledge to new employees or those who are taking new responsibilities within the organisation. It also help refresh the students’ knowledge of the product and help in using the latest features. Classes are limited in size so that instructor can give maximum attention.

Corporate Training

These are provided at your location and limited to your own students. This training method is suitable for companies that need to instruct many students / employees at the same time. Classes can be scheduled to suit your organisation. This method also helps in having an open discussion on the application of the product to suit your organisation. Contact our coordinator to know the benefits and schedule a class for your organisation.

Custom Training

Custom training can also be client location based. This format allows companies to embed specific requirements in the training program. An experienced faculty works with you to understand the needs and build the training material and deliver it. Contact our coordinator for Classroom courses.

Open Online Classes

These are delivered through WebEx online. These are aimed at companies that cannot send the employees / students to the location. They are typically conducted on continuous days for 3 hours per day.

Online One-On-One topic specific classes

These are delivered online through WebEx sessions and are limited to a specific topic that needs to be addressed. These classes are scheduled at a mutually convenient time between the instructor and students or individual.

Bhea is an Authorised Learning Partner for SugarCRM and guarantees high standards of training. As an Authorised Learning Partner we have access to the following:

  • SugarCRM Certified Instructor
  • SugarCRM designed Training Material
  • Individual Training Environment for Lab Sessions

Bhea’s SugarCRM trainings offer comprehensive product knowledge along with best practices. The hands-on lab sessions allow trainees to get comfortable with the features of SugarCRM at ease. Our programs are designed to get users “skilled in SugarCRM” and thus ensures complete adoption.

SugarCRM Course Offerings

SugarCRM End User Training (2 Day) – For End Users

This comprehensive two day classroom training provides SugarCRM users the skill and concepts required for effectively using SugarCRM. With a combination of lecture and hand-on lab exercises, students become skilful at leveraging all the features of SugarCRM. We provide SugarCRM course completion certificate for the students.

SugarCRM End User Training is available in “Classroom”, “At your Premise” and “On Line” methods.

SugarCRM Admin Fundamentals (2 Day) – For Administrators

This comprehensive two day classroom training provides SugarCRM administrators the skills and best practices to administer SugarCRM. With a combination of lecture and hands-on lab exercises, students will learn and experiment on how to set up, configure, maintain and customise SugarCRM for their organisation. This is designed for On-Demand and On-Site request.

SugarCRM Administrator Fundamentals Training is available in “Classroom”, “At your Premise” and “On Line” methods.

SugarCRM End User – Train the Trainer (2 Day) – For Administrators and Mid Level Manager

This comprehensive two day classroom training enables your SugarCRM Administrator / Sales Leaders / Sales Managers to successfully develop and deliver SugarCRM End User Training for your organisation. With a combination of lecture, hands-on lab exercises and teach backs, students will become proficient End User Trainers. At the end of the course, each student will receive a Certificate of Completion.

SugarCRM Continuous Education Series – Individual Module Trainings.

For companies that are adopting the strategies of “Do It Yourself” and step-by-step implementation, Bhea provides Individual Module trainings that are precise to the requirement. These training capsules are designed for one-on-one sessions and can take 3 to 4 hours.

  • SugarCRM Administrator Modules
  • SugarCRM Email Administrator
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Creating Web-to-Lead Forms
  • Bug Tracker
  • Using SugarCRM Studio
  • Creating Effective Workflows
  • Using Module Builder
  • Implementing Users, Teams and Roles
  • Tracker Settings