SugarCRM for Marketing Automation – Campaigns, web to lead forms, targets, email templates demystified


SugarCRM is a Customer Relationship Management System that can be used for Sales Force Automation, Customer Support Automation and Marketing Automation. This article details on how to use SugarCRM for Marketing Automation. Using SugarCRM for both Sales Force Automation and Marketing Automation, helps in automatically transferring leads to sales team and its effectiveness.

SugarCRM for Marketing Automation features consists of the following modules

Campaigns Management

SugarCRM Campaigns modules helps in creating marketing campaigns for different types activities marketing team does. Some of the activities that can be captured in Campaigns Module are, Email Campaigns, Tele Campaigns,  Exhibitions Participation, Events, Google Adwords, Online Advertisements and many more.

Once a campaign is created for any of these activities, you can capture the cost of the campaigns and expected returns on the investment. As and when new leads are generated, they can be directly associated to the campaigns and allocated to the Sales Team.

Campaign Return on Investment is captured based on the Opportunities that Sales Team has created and won from these leads. Since all leads are tightly coupled with campaigns, the campaign cost and total business generated from the leads can be automatically available with the campaigns.

For example, if the marketing team has participated in an Industry Exhibition, you can create a campaign of type “Exhibition” and capture the cost of that activity. And whomever the team has met in the exhibition can be imported as leads generated from the Exhibition.

Using SugarCRM Email Campaign feature, you can also send Exhibition invitation to all the contacts in the CRM. Based on certain criteria, leads can be distributed to sales team and

Targets Management

Sugar can act as a database for managing all your targets. You can have multiple targets at different stages. The target list that you buy from third parties can be imported directly. Leads and Contacts that are nurtured will automatically available for targets. So you can pull out any type of target list when you are ready for a new campaign. Let us say you have build up a target database of 100000 and you are participating in an event in Singapore, you can quickly search your database from targets, leads and contacts based on their location “Singapore” and quickly make the list available for sending the campaign about your participation in the event.

Targets Lists

Sugar provides the target lists module to manage new list for any campaign. Let us say if your company purchases list of High Net-worth Individuals (HNI) from Singapore, New York and Australia from a third party you can directly import them as three target lists that you can use as and when required. Or you can also import all of them with the city field populated and use search for creating a new target list.

You can use the Target List module to create the subscription list for your newsletter or for your customer update list. You can use for maintaining your competitor list so that you can supply negative list for your campaigns.

Email Templates

SugarCRM Email Templates module helps in creating email templates for the mass campaigning requirement as well as for providing the sales and support team standard templates that they can send.

These email templates can be created by a non technical persons using the “WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get” editor. But if your company uses great looking html designer for sending email campaigns, it has s simple feature to directly copy the HTML template into the Email Template module. So whether it is a simple text message that you want to send for a big list of emails or a well designed HTML template, Sugar Email Template module can handle it.

Web To Lead Forms

Web To Lead Form is a simple features of SugarCRM Campaigns module by which you can create a simple html form code directly from Campaigns module to embed into your website. Once it is embedded into the website, as and when any person fills that form, the form creates a lead in SugarCRM and attaches to the campaign from which it is created.

The Form design is done using a simple drag drop interface that is easy to master. Since the form is directly submitting the data to Leads module, you can only choose the fields from Leads module.

Lead Transfer to Sales Team

Once a lead is generated either from a web to lead form or from an email campaign, they can be automatically transferred to the sales team. The sales team can then work on the lead and qualify it into opportunities and work with them. After a few days / months these opportunities are marked by the sales team as “Closed Won” or “Closed Lost”. So the Leads that are converted to Opportunities and those marked as “Closed Won” constitute the final result of the marketing team effort in handing over right leads to the sales team.

All this process is automatic and smooth if you make your marketing team and sales team use SugarCRM.

Return on Investment on Marketing Campaigns

Marketing team can directly get the ROI or Return on Investment for each type of  campaigns and spend their budget on the most   effective campaigns.

SugarCRM can be very effective used for Marketing Automation.

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