SugarCRM 7.11 Review – New Sugar UI / UX and many Usability Improvements – March 2018

SugarCRM 7.11 New UI

SugarCRM’s journey of continuously improving the UI / UX has resulted in another version that is specifically dedicated for UI and UX Improvements.  Some of these improvements are very important and required in today’s world.

SugarCRM 7.11 Improved User Interface UI/UX

A well thought out sleek and modern UI with white background replaces the existing Black and Gray UI.  New vibrant colours and shapes are introduced to improve layouts, dashboards and UI elements. The white background and new bright colors improve look and feel of the application. There are many cosmetic changes that are introduced in 7.11 version that make the intelligent pane really smart.

Sugar 7.11 Preview UI ImprovementThe record previews in the intelligent pane are now compact with more information available for preview and crisp colours with white background. The dark gray text on light gray background is replaced with dark gray text on white background which has significantly improved the legibility.

Actionable Drill Through Charts

For a very long time Sugar customers are waiting for drill through charts. Sugar 7.10 has introduced this feature for some of the Reports and Dashboards. This is now extended with actionable drill through charts.

SugarCRM 7.11 Actionable Drill Through Charts
The Drill Through Charts provide ability to see the data behind the report by clicking on the area of interest. For example if you are looking at Pipeline Chart and you want to see Open Opportunities that are in “Proposal / Quote” stage, you can click there and get the list of Opportunity records that are in Proposal / Quote status.

But Sugar 7.11 version comes with some actionables that you can do after the list view is opened. You can click on the preview button and see the preview of the record or you can edit the records or most of the actions that you can perform on Listview are available now for Actionable Drill Through Charts.The drill through are now available for reports that have a chart or any saved report that comes with a dash-let.

This is one of the most useful feature that is reintroduced after 6.x is migrated to 7.x.

Product Catalog Dashlet

SugarCRM product catalogue and quotes module have been enhanced in 7.9 and 7.10 versions. With this new release Sugar has shown a new way of using the Intelligence pane to improve usability of the product.When we have too many products, choosing one product after another in the Quotes module is a painful journey. Looking the product hierarchy for choosing is another major usability issue in the Quotes modules.

This has been improved by the Product Catalog Dashlet that comes up while choosing the Quote Line item with the complete view of the product hierarchy and selecting as many products as possible while navigating in the product catalog dashlet.

SugarCRM 7.11 Product Catalog DashletThis improves the usability of the products and quotes module. The new product catalog dashlet is available when we go to create quote page or edit quote page.

The product categories are represented as folders and organised to show the product category hierarchy.  User can easily click on the product categories and see the products available in that category. Clicking on the product name immediately adds the product to the Quote Line Item. The improved quote line item UI and Product Catalog Dashlet makes the quotes module smarter in usage.

Quotes Module Improvement

SugarCRM 7.9 version brought in a major change in the UI of Quotes module by bringing the Quote Line Item addition easy and smart. In Sugar 7.11 version, the duplicate feature has been added to the Quote UI to copy an existing quote along with all its line items, parameters etc into a new quote for further editing.

Saved Report Chart Dashlet

SugarCRM 7.11 Save Report ChartGenerally the Saved Report Chart Dashlet used to  have “Edit, Refresh, Remove” as options. But now a new option has been added to go the originating report from the Dashlet.

All in all Sugar UX team has put lot of thought and improved the UI/UX diligently.

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