Sugar 8.0 Review On Premise Version Dec 2018

Sugar 8.0 Review On Premise Version Dec 2018

SugarCRM 8 is the major release for On Premise Customers and most of the features that were released earlier for On Demand customers are made available for the On Premise customers with this release.

Now SugarCRM 8.x is the feature rich on premise version.

SugarCRM 8.x New Features

There are 5 new features that are released in this version

  1. Modern Look and Feel
  2. GDPR Support and Data Privacy Management
  3. Reports and Charts and actionable Drill through Charts
  4. Product Catalogue Dashlet Feature
  5. Advanced Workflow Enhancements in Enterprise Edition

Modern Look and Feel with new Sugar UX

Traditionally SugarCRM’s major selling point is its UI. SugarCRM does extensive end user testing for bringing new UX changes year after year.

Sugar 8 comes with a new sleek and modern looking UI with elegant color scheme and predominantly white background. The old grey shade has been take off to make it white background. The UI changes makes it similar to tab and mobile UI thus having a uniform look and feel among desktop, mobile and tab.

GDPR Support ann Data Privacy Management

The year 2018 has seen significant changes in the Data Privacy models across the world and many countries have adopted new laws. The Europe GDPR laws have made SugarCRM and many other CRM vendors to create a support framework for Data Privacy. Sugar 8 comes with Data Privacy eco system that enables customers to be compliant with GDPR laws. Explicit privacy based roles and a few additional modules for Data Privacy makes your life easy about Data Privacy laws.

GDPR Support and Data Privacy Management in SugarCRM

The key elements are Data Privacy Manager role and Data Privacy Module along with enhancements in all the modules.

Reports and Charts in Sugar 8

Reports and Charts have been enhanced in Sugar 8 to make them drillable. This is one of the most sought after feature and has been waiting from the days of Sugar movement from 6.x to 7.x

Drillable Reports in SugarCRM

Now most of the report charts are drillable and the moment you click on the chart, it takes you the search view of the module with the filter applied automatically. So in a way you can go to the data behind the charts with a single click. When the data is being viewed on the list view, the chart is still available on the right hand side Intelligent pane so that variations of the report can be easily navigated.

Analytical chart showing data drill-down functionality

With this feature the charts have become interactive and with the Mass Update features available at List View, you can start editing them enmass to modify all the records that are delivered with the chart click.

Product Dashlet Features

Sugar has a very good product catalogue and quotation feature set. You can configure all the product price list in the product catalogue and bring that product catalogue to add product line items in the quotation.

Product Catalog Dashlet in SugarCRM

One of the challenges customer are facing currently is the product line items need to be searched and selected.

Product Dashlet is the new dashlet that is introduced and aligned with the quotation. The dashlet helps to navigate hierarchically the product categories and select the required product with a single click making life of the sales person simpler. This feature was initially introduced only for quotes module but now it has been extended across SugarCRM framework so that ti can be used with Opportunities or any other module.

Advanced Workflow Enhancement in Enterprise Edition

Sugar’s advanced workflow engine in SugarCRM Enterprise edition got its major feature update in terms of real time execution parameters.  Now users can add workflow conditions based on the time and elapsed time.

The main enhancement is Sugar date variable include the run time variable as well as the date fields from Sugar records. Run Time here refers to the moment an element is executed or created or modified or date mentioned. And Date Time field additions and deletions are possible in formula so that you can trigger a workflow 3 days or 5 days before the Date Time Field current value.

Overall SugarCRM has added many useful features for the SugarCRM cloud customers as well as on premise / private cloud hosting customers.

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