WordPress Integration with SugarCRM

WordPress Integration with SugarCRM: Streamlining Lead Generation and Distribution

In the modern business world, capturing leads efficiently and effectively is crucial for driving growth. Many businesses rely on their websites as their primary lead generation channels, while using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms like SugarCRM to manage and nurture those leads. Integrating your WordPress website with SugarCRM allows for seamless lead generation and streamlines the lead distribution process to your sales team. In this blog, we’ll explore how to integrate your WordPress website with SugarCRM and automate the lead management process.

Websites serve beyond just brand promotion, they’re multifunctional platforms as mentioned below.

  1. They allow users to submit inquiries for desired products/services, serving as a direct communication channel.
  2. In B2B scenario, Websites can function as quote generation tools, enabling users to generate their own quotes for purchases without waiting for the Sales Person to get the Quote.
  3. Moreover, websites enable customers to submit tickets for product/service-related issues, serving as a case/ticketing management portal.

Websites drive more revenue to companies beyond brand awareness, providing opportunities for direct sales and transactions.Additionally, they automate repetitive/manual tasks, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

In this blog, let us understand how to integrate your WordPress website with your SugarCRM and capture and nurture the leads effectively.

  1. When someone submits the enquiry form it is nothing but called as lead in business terminology, who are interested to buy or consider your products/services.
  2. There are two ways to capture these leads into your SugarCRM when someone submits a form on your website.

Web to Lead Forms via SugarCRM Campaigns

One way is to build a web to lead form using the Campaigns module in SugarCRM and putting that form in your website. So when you put this form in the website and when a visitor who visits your website and submits an enquiry form it will be created as a lead in SugarCRM. You can go through this Sugar support article to understand more about this process. 

Using RESTful API Services in SugarCRM

The second way is to integrate your website using RESTful API. Let us explore deeply how to do this process.

Step by Step Guide to Integrate WordPress Website with SugarCRM using RESTful API

  1. Now, let’s explore the step-by-step process to integrate your WordPress website with SugarCRM and automate lead generation and distribution.
  2. As your website is built up on WordPress, make sure you have admin login to your wordpress backend.
  3. As we need to integrate our wordpress website with SugarCRM, make sure you have admin credentials to authenticate to SugarCRM. 
  4. In order to integrate your wordpress website with SugarCRM you need to develop a custom plugin and develop the code. You can download the plugin from this gitHub repository.
  5. Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website.
  6. Configure the plugin by providing the SugarCRM instance URL and authentication details.
  7. Set up lead capture forms on your WordPress website using a form builder plugin like Wp Forms or Contact Form 7.
  8. Customize the form fields to capture the necessary lead information, such as name, email, phone number, and any relevant details specific to your business.
  9. After installing the plugin, you need to customize your code to capture the leads from your WordPress website to SugarCRM. Change the code according to your form fields and trigger a lead creation in SugarCRM using the SugarCRM plugin code.
  10. Test the integration by submitting a test lead form and confirming that the lead data is reflected in SugarCRM.

Benefits of Integration

Integrating WordPress with SugarCRM offers several key benefits:

  1. Streamlining Lead Capture Process: By integrating your WordPress website with SugarCRM, you can ensure that all leads submitted through your website are automatically captured in your CRM system. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, minimizing errors and saving valuable time.
  2. Automatic Lead Distribution to Sales Team: Once the leads are captured in SugarCRM, the integration allows for seamless lead distribution to your sales team. You can set up rules to assign leads to the appropriate sales reps based on criteria such as geographical location,  product interest, etc. This ensures a faster response time and efficient lead management.


Integrating your WordPress website with SugarCRM offers a streamlined lead generation process, ensuring that valuable leads are not lost and providing your sales team with the necessary tools to close deals efficiently. By following the step-by-step integration guide and implementing best practices for lead management, you can harness the power of this integration to drive business growth and success.

Remember, integrating your WordPress website with SugarCRM is an investment that pays off by setting your business up for greater lead generation success. Start integrating today and see the positive impact it can have on your business!

Bhea has expertise in developing websites using WordPress and is a leading SugarCRM partner. Contact us for more information on how to Integrate your WordPress website with SugarCRM to drive more revenue.

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