SugarCRM Services

Turnkey CRM ImplementationTurnkey CRM Implementation

SugarCRM is an Open platform web based CRM solution. It is easy to implement & customized to meet changing needs. SugarCRM is a leading commercial open source platform that comes withRead More »

CRM Implementation StrategyCRM Implementation Strategy Consultancy

Customer Relationship Management or CRM (as we know) implementation brings a change in management initiative for any organisation. So, it is good to have a comprehensive plan on how to initiate the process and ensure that it is implemented correctly and adopted by most of the end users.Read More »

Customization and DevlopmentSugarCRM Customization and Development

Many companies might be working with the SugarCRM plain vanilla “out of the box” feature set. However, SugarCRM platform is designed to capture specific business needs. So, there is a requirement.Read More »

Training and Adoption StrategySugarCRM Training and Adoption Strategy

At Bhea, we understand the importance of skilled individuals for your organisations’ success and profitability. So, we offer comprehensive training courses on SugarCRM. Our training programs are packaged to suit your convenience and are offered as-Read More »

Jump Start CRMCRM Jump Start – Service Packages

This service package is designed to help you spring board your productivity through professional assistance with initial set-up, configuration, and knowledge transfer. SugarCRM’s studies with thousands.Read More »