Sugar Hint is a data intelligence source for Sugar

Sales and customer support teams can expand information about their prospects and customers sourcing it from a broad range of social, news and other sources using just the name and email id. Sugar Hint removes the need for manual research and data entry into SugarCRM. It helps the reps and frees up time so that they can focus on sales and support.

Benefits of Sugar Hint

Free Reps from Data Entry

Sugar Hint gathers data from a broad range of sources and provides customer intelligence directly within the Sugar interface. Sales and service reps can retrieve new information about customers by simply entering their names and email address into the plugin. They can then dive into the account, contact, or lead record to access the insights and use them to enhance their sales and support activities.

Improved Productivity 

Sugar Hint improves productivity by automatically providing data about prospects and customers, which can be easily pushed into Sugar with the click of a button. The only information required to be entered into the system is the email address and name of the individual. The plugin then retrieves all other relevant information from different sources, saving reps a significant amount of time and enabling them to focus on improving sales or support. Additionally, the insights provided by Sugar Hint help reps better understand their customers and tailor their approach to meet their needs.



Per User Per Month

Supported Products : Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve and Sugar Enterprise

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