Maestro Marketing- A Unique Solution for Agencies and Enterprises

Maestro is a solution that allows a seamless management of multiple marketing automation accounts. Maestro companies can integrate their marketing website with their SaaS platform and their mobile apps for session tracking, lead scoring and dynamic content. This also helps brands to coordinate easily with their marketing emails, product emails, mobile alerts and web notifications. As a result, Maestro enables brands to connect all their digital properties and channels into a seamless customer experience.

Why Ad Agencies Need Marketing Automation Solution?

Ad agencies and large enterprises handle multiple brands and companies. Therefore, multiple accounts get generated to manage each individually. Managing all the accounts in one go becomes difficult and hence the need for Marketing Automation Solution arises. 

This can be understood with an example, suppose generally, an agency handles five companies and each needs marketing automation solution for say handling their 50 k contacts. Therefore, now the agency has to monitor and look after total 250k contacts which becomes a difficult task. So in such a case, Maestro Marketing gives you the benefit of handling all individual mautic accounts under one console or system called Maestro Account. Hence, the headache of the ad agencies are minimised or solved completely.

What are the Maestro Features and Core Capabilities?

Maestro removes some significant technical and financial hindrances when managing multiple marketing automation accounts and also for different business units, country teams or product lines within the same enterprise. 

This same benefit is also applicable to marketing and digital agencies who need to manage multiple client accounts.

Managing of Multiple Accounts becomes easier with Maestro

Maestro provides users a single interface which can be used to access multiple Mautic marketing automation accounts which includes the ability to create a sandbox account for users to develop ideas before going live with them.

Empowers every aspects of a business as it evolves and expands, from business units to regional teams and clients, with separate automation accounts while it keeps full visibility and control over each of them

Quick Campaign Replication with Maestro

Maestro makes it easier for users to replicate high-performing campaigns across multiple accounts. This allows the users to rapidly optimize processes and delivery timelines.

Maestro helps to save time and increase efficiency by easily replicating users automated campaigns, emails and landing pages.

Enables users to manage Custom Branding

This is particularly appropriate for agencies who help clients with a range of marketing operations. Maestro enables users to manage custom branding of each client’s Mautic account.

Benchmark Reporting with Maestro

Maestro’s powerful reporting capabilities offer users with more visibility into the success of initiatives across the organization on a single dashboard itself.

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