SugarCRM Mobile that empowers your Mobile Workforce

pipeline-tabletFrom 2010 onwards mobile / smartphone / tablet usage as a corporate device has increased. And there is an increasing demand for applications being available on smartphones or applications being responsive in nature. And the demand is more to make the application look even smarter.

SugarCRM Mobile is developed to maximise the productivity of the individual user. SugarCRM Mobile’s native apps for popular phones and tablets provides customer details needed for productive customer engagement. Sugar Mobile App is available for Android and iPhone.

Download the SugarCRM Mobile App for Android here:


Download the SugarCRM Mobile App for Apple here :


SugarCRM Application can be accessed on a browser as responsive web application.

Download the SugarCRM Mobile CRM Datasheet. Click here

SugarCRM Mobile Features

leads-by-status-phone Mobile Productivity

SugarCRM Mobile provides complete customer information on the go with Sugar mobile solution. You can access customer meetings, calls from the mobile app and update the follow ups right on the mobile app.

Sugar Mobile facilitates information access without opening your laptop or desktop and allows you to update the information. Complete customer information including his phone numbers, location and his past interaction history is available for ready use.

Native Experience and Integrations:

With the mobile application SugarCRM brings the native experience. It is a full function easy navigation application replicating all the features of SugarCRM on the mobile.

Native device integrations are

  1. click-to-call – From Account, Lead and Contact screen you can call the phone number,
  2. Text-messaging-records (Click to SMS): If a record has a populated phone number field, user can tap the SMS option and send the text message to the phone number.
  3. GPS mapping – If the address is available you can directly invoke GPS app with the address shown.
  4. Email – If the record is having an email field filled, by a single click you can open the native email app and send to the email id of the record.
  5. Attachment Saving from Email – If you have an attachment in the email that needs to be pushed to SugarCRM, you can upload by share feature.

These integrations significantly improve productivity of the moving sales or support team members. Customer engagement and follow-up update is minimised by these integrations.

Easy to Setup:

Just download the application and install it seamlessly. Once you install, you just need the URL and username/ password to start using.

Information Access:

Sugar mobile app allows you to access and update your accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, quotes and activities. All the modules you can access on the desktop web application are available on the mobile. And you can configure what you want to see and what you don’t want to see on the mobile.

Overall sugar mobile app can be used for the following on the go

  • Accounts Management
  • Contacts Management
  • Leads Management
  • Opportunities Management
  • Quotes Management
  • Activities (Calls, Meetings, Notes and Emails) Management

Lead Conversion

When a lead is qualified as sales opportunity, you can convert the lead into sales opportunity in SugarCRM mobile app. Sugar introduced a “Convert” icon on the lead detail view to facilitate that conversion process. It works quite similar to its desktop equivalent.

Building Quotes from the Mobile App

SugarCRM mobile app can be used to create quote for a customer by choosing the product catalogue line items and comments. So when you finish a meeting and waiting at the reception or at a coffee shop, you can quickly choose the required line items and create the quote.

Once you create the quote, you can download the quote pdf and send to the customer immediately.

offline-settings-phoneOffline Support

Access your customer information using your mobile CRM app when the cellular coverage is negligible or non existent. You can bulk download your data to the mobile CRM app.

Sugar Mobile CRM app synchronises with the main application as and when the connection is restored.

Mobile Security

SugarCRM Mobile comes with the enterprise grade security features that are part of the main application. All the visibility of data is controlled by the SugarCRM Teams and Roles restrictions. Locally stored database on the mobile is encrypted to ensure high standards of protection. Remote device management mitigates the risk of compromise devices.

Calendar and Activity Management

Your calendar and calls, meetings and tasks are available on the mobile app for creation and updation.

Mobile Reports and Dashboards

Access and view sales and support reports on mobile or tablet when you are on the go. The dashboards that are created on desktop for the home page are available in the mobile layout by default. Apart from that each record also consists of a dashboard area in the mobile view that brings the visual representation of data to the mobile.

SugarCRM Mobile App Administration and Configuration

Maximise productivity of your team by optimising Sugar for your business and handheld devices. You can configure the mobile experience to match the individual and your business.

SugarCRM Mobile gives admins the flexibility to configure mobile layouts and views to display. These customisation are possible for both standard or custom modules and their fields. The mobile layout customisations are done using the Sugar Studio.


Bhea SugarCRM sugar-mobile-layout-configuration

Sugar Mobile Application Custom Branding

Sugar Mobile application’s user interface can be customised using few clicks using MACS – Mobile Application Configuration Service. Client’s custom branding can be incorporated to ensure users feel that it is their own company app.

Sugar Mobile SDK

Mobile developers can customise SugarCRM mobile app extensively using SugarCRM Mobile SDK. This helps in completely removing all the Sugar related icons and other elements and replace with their own elements. The SDK helps teams to develop complete custom app with external data.

SugarCRM documentation on Sugar Mobile SDK helps developers with more details.

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