CRM for Manufacturing and Product Distribution Companies

Manufacturing and Product Distribution companies face many challenges, of which optimising sales and support activities tops the list. The initial sale in most of these companies is done by Sales Team, after which most of the sales depend on the type of support these companies provide. Some of the ways SugarCRM can help manufacturing and product distribution companies include –

Product Catalogue and Company wide price book maintenance.

SugarCRM’s product catalogue can be used as a master price list by all the sales team located across geographies. The head office can maintain the latest price sheet in SugarCRM and stop worrying about sending the latest price sheet to all sales team.

pruduct-companiesStandardised Quote Management

Companies can enforce SugarCRM as the only way through which any sales person can send pricing information and make the system work across all offices. This also consolidates the sales pipeline across offices and the head office gets latest data on the pipeline. The SugarCRM PDF Quote generator can be used to fine tune the Quote Format based on client requirement. You can choose the product that the customer wants, save the quote and either Email it directly from SugarCRM or download as PDF and send it by your Email Application.

Either way, when the price list is put into the product catalogue of the CRM, sales person can generate the Quote in 60 seconds. This avoids the cut and paste mechanism if you are using Excel Sheet for Price List and Word Template for Quote Format. Bhea has implemented quotation that have even product line item images embedded into the PDF quote.

Discount Approval Mechanism

Most of the time, many companies face the challenges of getting their quotes upto date and getting the discounts approved for customers. The sales executive might be permitted to give a pre-approved percentage of the price as discount, but for anything above he might need to get approval from management. SugarCRM can be used to put the discount approval process in place so that it is enforced through quotation mechanism.


Product Module

SugarCRM product module captures the information of the item that was quoted as well as purchased by a customer. A Purchase Order is generated of the product delivered and this information can be stored in the Product Module for the particular customer. Product Module can be used to check purchase history of any clients.

Product Level Forecasting

When a company has product heads who are responsible for specific product sales, SugarCRM Enterprise edition can generate each product level forecasting from the quotes and queued items.

Warranty and Support Contract Management

The SugarCRM standard Contracts module can be used to create and maintain the annual warranty and support contracts. Automatic alerts can help the Support team to renew customers’ support contract well before expiry. You can carry the Support Contract Opportunity into the SugarCRM for better visibility.

Customer Support Automation

When a product is delivered by a manufacturing company or a distributing company, support plays the most important role. SugarCRM’s Case Management allows tracking and supporting issues.

Order Management

SugarCRM can be enhanced with a custom Orders module that can be used in managing the Orders from the purchase decision and in delivery and installation at the customer place.

The above mentioned features help manufacturing and distribution companies do more than the traditional calls and meetings tracking. Contact Us so that one of our Business Analysts can demonstrate the key features of SugarCRM that can be readily used for your company. The Bhea custom demo demonstrates the CRM for manufacturing and distribution companies.

Email us or speak directly to one of our Business Analysts to understand how SugarCRM can help manufacturing and product distribution companies. Email: or Call us at Singapore : +65 6824 8290, New York : +1 408 520 9598 and Bangalore : +91 80 2648 2276, +91 80 4121 5836.

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