SugarCRM Cloud and Hosting / Deployment Options

There are multiple hosting and deployment options available for SugarCRM

SugarCRM On Demand Cloud Hosting

The best and quick way of getting getting started with SugarCRM is SugarCRM On Demand Cloud Hosting. As and when license is purchased an instance is available for usage on SugarCRM cloud hosting available in US, Europe and the recent Australia centres. Every customer can use this and the only limitation is the amount of space that is available for storage.

SugarCRM Professional on Sugar Cloud is available with 15 GB storage space and more space can be purchased at a cost.

SugarCRM Enterprise on Sugar Cloud is available with 60 GB of storage and more space can be purchased at a cost.

SugarCRM Pricing and Edition comparison provides you the feature difference between the editions.

SugarCRM On Premise Hosting

SugarCRM is a CRM software application that can be hosted on hardware within your premise or on your own data centre. It is an installable software application that can be deployed on Linux or Windows operating systems.

SugarCRM Professional can be installed on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP Stack) or Windows, IIS, MS SQL and PHP ( WIMP Stack ). Depending on the organisation preference you can choose the stack.

SugarCRM Enterprise is supported on Oracle and DB2 Databases.

Hardware configuration for On Premise Hosting can be arrived at by knowing the exact number of users and the type of usage. Contact Us for hardware sizing inputs if you are looking to host SugarCRM on your hardware.

SugarCRM on Private Cloud

If your organisation is maintaining your own enterprise level private cloud, SugarCRM can be installed on the private cloud. When you host SugarCRM on your private cloud, you get the benefit of hosting within your firewall and enterprise intranet and also flexibility to add more CPU Power and RAM as and when the number of users increases. Bhea can help you in installing SugarCRM on your private cloud and maintain / support depending on the requirement.

SugarCRM on Public Cloud

SugarCRM can be deployed on public cloud like Amazon EC2, Rackspace, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure. Hosting SugarCRM on public cloud gives us the flexibility of increasing CPU Power and RAM as and when required. Along with this, it provides security and managed hosting and high availability features without too much of maintenance.

Bhea can suggest the right public cloud configuration and provide installation and deployment services.

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