Most of the websites are typically designed for one way communication, i.e., from the company to the users. However, Portal facilitates two way communications where even a user can communicate back with the company. A lot of professionals nowadays do not have the time to request for information and wait for a longer period of time. And most of them are working 24/7 and wants to get information when they have time. Portals have shown a way for facilitating information to customers, partners and employees as and when required and made available at a standard location for accessing it as and when required.

Bhea has developed a Portal Framework that can be used along with the CRM for exposing the information that is required by either customers or partners. When a Portal is designed for Customers it is called Customer Self Service Portal and when the same portal is designed to display information for partners it is called Partner Portal. Sometimes the document / data that need to be sent to employees is also regular and huge, Portal Framework can be configured to work as Employee Self Service Portal.

An integrated responsive portal framework helps in extending the functionality to people outside your firewall.

SugarCRM Customer Self Service Portal

Whether you have a growing B2B Business or B2C Business, there is a growing set of customers who are not willing to call or send an email for their support requests. They do not want their email box to be searched for multiple issues that they raise as a customer.

The best way to facilitate their demands is having a Customer Self Service Portal where customers can go on to a support portal, register themselves and raise their tickets. This will also be a platform where they can check lots of other things like their invoices, payments and the products / services they have taken over a period of time.

Customer Self Service Portal typically facilitates the following features for the customers:

  • Register as a customer of the company.
  • Raise a new issue / ticket and communicate
  • Check their past issues / tickets
  • See the products and services that have been consumed by them.
  • See the Self Services FAQ or Knowledge Base of the product/service for instance solving of their problem.
  • With Customer Self Service Portal you can have a few issues solved 24/7 and 365 days.
  • The load on the support team can be significantly reduced as some of the updates are automatic.
  • The History of a Case need not be shared by collecting emails, but instead it is available for both customer and the support team member
Customer Self Service portal logo


SugarCRM Enterprise Edition provides a Customer Self Service Portal for instant installation and with few CSS based UI changes it can be embedded with your website.

Bhea’s Customer Self Service Portals evolved on top of Open Source Technology Frameworks and are available as latest responsive design portal.

Partner Portal

When business grows most of the companies require their sales and support to be done by partners. The CRM system should facilitate the participation of the partners in the CRM Implementation.

One of the best ways is to develop a partner portal through which you can distribute leads and facilitate the order fulfilment and customer support through the portals.

Partners work based on the commissions and partnership margins. And Partner portal can help in sharing the partner commission details and its payment schedule.

With Bhea’s Partner Portal solution, your partners can have seamless communication at every level.

Bhea’s partner portals are developed with the latest responsive design web development techniques.

They are accessible on all devices. Most of the CRM products come with standard features for Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation and Customer Support Automation.


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