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SugarCRM Collaboration

Collaboration for productivity with SugarCRM

SugarCRM Collaboration

Underlying marketing, sales and support activities, Sugar Collaboration provides capabilities to manage email within Sugar while integrating with Microsoft Outlook, schedule and track activities, manage projects, and work in offline or mobile settings. Sugar collaboration streamlines common tasks and promotes more effective communication with employees and customers.

SugarCRM Collaboration Tools


Email Client

The Sugar Email Client delivers the functionality of a desktop email client with the portability of a web-based email application. The new Email Client features tight integration with all Sugar modules and offers state-of-the-art design, including drag-and-drop capabilities, search, keyboard shortcuts, rules wizard, support for folders, contacts, and personal inboxes. The Email Client can serve as a compliment to existing email clients or as a full replacement due to its interoperability with all leading email servers.

Sugar Email Client for Efficient Email Management


Project Management

Sugar’s Project Management delivers a full project management solution combined with the sales management, marketing automation and customer support used by employees to manage customer-centric activities. These new capabilities allow users to deploy projects across all customer-facing tasks, including campaigns, opportunities, accounts, and customer cases. Since Project Management is integrated with Sugar’s customer information, users no longer need to be concerned with redundant or inaccurate information, lost customer data, poor information sharing, or lack of user adoption.

Sugar Project Management and Collaboration


Plugins for Microsoft Office

Sugar Plug-Ins for Microsoft Office integrates your CRM data with the Microsoft’s leading productivity tools. With a few simple clicks, Sugar users can sync email, contacts and calendar information into Sugar modules, export data into Microsoft Excel and present CRM data in Microsoft Word.

Sugar Plug-Ins for Microsoft Office Integration


Plugin for Lotus Notes

Sugar’s IBM Notes Plug-in allows users to share information between their IBM Notes client and their Sugar instance. The following types of IBM Notes records can be pushed to Sugar:

The following types of Sugar records can be linked to IBM Notes:

Mobile Solutions

Stay in touch while on-the-go with Sugar mobile functionality. Sugar offers wireless and smart phone access that is hassle-free so you can continue to work away from the office. For our enterprise users, Sugar mobile solutions translate to less downtime and greater productivity.

SugarCRM Mobile Solutions for On-the-Go Access


SugarCRM Mobile solutions is available on mobile browser as well as standalone applications for android and iOS.

Activity Management

Sugar’s Activity Management streamlines the tasks necessary to get the job done. Manage e-mails, meetings, calendars and calls within a central location to ensure teams work together to close more opportunities in a shorter period of time.

SugarCRM Activity Management