Sell Premier
Sell Advanced
Sell Essentials
Account Management
Get a 360-degree view of all the activities that are happening with your Customer’s organization.
Contact Management
Transform leads into contacts while fostering deeper insights to enhance your interactions and cultivate stronger relationships.
Lead Management
Convert and track leads that evolve into Opportunities.
Opportunity Management
Nurture every individual Opportunity from beginning to end while continuously tracking its progress.
Quote Management
Instantly generate quotes and contracts, reducing the time to finalize deals. Seamlessly coordinate discounts, inventory, and delivery dates to fulfill customer requirements.
Activity Management
Gather customer conversations and interactions while extracting essential insights.
Opportunity Management
Gain visibility into your complete pipeline, encompassing opportunities and their proximity to becoming new customers.
Quota Management
Provide sales representatives and sales managers with role-specific perspectives of their forecasting commitments, enhancing precision and clarity in achieving quotas.
Subscription Management
Facilitate subscription-based business models and streamline renewal management. Create renewal opportunities, prorate cross-sell and up-sell chances, and monitor and oversee customer entitlements.
Reporting and Analytics
Gain access to and personalize reports and interactive dashboards, providing you with real-time, actionable customer insights and a clear view of business activities, KPIs, and trends.
Generate a precise sales forecast automatically, utilizing the current pipeline and seller commitments. Comprehend your pipeline, quota, forecast, and attainment through an intuitive and interactive experience.
Pipeline Analytics
Enable your sales teams and leaders to assess current pipeline health and vital metrics whenever necessary. Validate, identify risks, and make informed decisions concerning all pertinent opportunities within a unified view.
Offered on iOS and Android platforms, with offline capabilities and configurable layouts. Sellers can initiate automation, access dashboards, generate opportunities and quotes, create documents, and engage with customers.
Omni Channel Communication
Interact with customers through email, calls, or chat. Access pertinent customer information during conversations without needing to navigate away from their current interface.
Collaboration & Teamwork
Enhance collaboration and synchronization among diverse business units or departments through comprehensive customer views, working together seamlessly for improved outcomes.
Business Process Management
Specify, Design, and standardize complex business processes. Control approvals and implement the automation of repetitive tasks.
Intelligent Lead Prioritization
Give priority to leads using AI-powered predictive lead-conversion scores. Build upon previous achievements by utilizing insights gained from matching lead profiles to comparable accounts.
Intelligent Opportunity Prioritization
Enhance your ability to predict the outcome of sales opportunities more accurately, leading to higher success rates.
Mail & Calendar Integration
Effortlessly manage your Sugar data directly within Outlook or Gmail. Seamlessly schedule meetings without complications. Automatically synchronize conversations, meetings, and contacts into your CRM.
Guided Selling
Effortlessly create, visualize, and automate sales processes. Craft playbooks and templates for sales strategies, methodologies, guided selling, lead nurturing, and various other aspects.
Data Enrichment and News Feed
Automatically enhance customer data with pertinent external insights and news. Include customers and competitors in a customizable newsfeed.
Geo Mapping
Easily identify accounts and leads that are geographically close to each other. Visualize the findings on a map and outline the most efficient route. Streamline the routing of leads or accounts based on territories.
Enhanced Forecasting
Anticipate future results by utilizing time-sensitive data. Direct your sales team toward necessary actions through advanced visual representations, notifications, and automated alerts.