SugarCRM Mobile Features

SugarCRM Mobile

From 2010 onwards mobile / smartphone / tablet usage as a corporate device has increased. And there is an increasing demand for applications being available on smartphones or applications being responsive in nature. And the demand is more to make the application look even smarter.

SugarCRM Mobile is developed with latest technology and is latest in UI and usability.

SugarCRM is available on mobile and smart devices as Application. This application is available for Android and iPhone.

You can download the application here:

SugarCRM iPhone App Download LogoSugarCRM Android App Download Logo

For all other smart devices too SugarCRM is available on the browser and it is a full responsive web application and renders on any device browser well.

Download the SugarCRM Mobile CRM Datasheet. Click here

Some of the mobile features of SugarCRM mobile include :

Native Experience: With the mobile application SugarCRM brings the native experience. It is a full function easy navigation application replicating all the features of SugarCRM on the mobile.

Easy to Setup : Just download the application and install it seamlessly. Once you install, you just need the URL and username/ password to start using.

Information Access: Access and update your accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities and activities: Any module that you can access on the desktop web application is available on the mobile. And you can configure what you want to see and what you don’t want to see on the mobile.

Geolocation: Geolocation and mapping customer contact address or company address to the location on the map.

Real Time Updates: You get real time updates on what is happening with your leads, contacts, accounts and tasks.

Mobile Reports: access and view sales and support reports on mobile or tablet when you are on the go. .

Offline Support: For all SugarCRM Enterprise Edition customers, Sugar mobile application acts as the offline crm that they can use while on the flight or when they are without internet access.

SugarCRM Mobile Plus

Customisable: You can completely customise all the fields and modules that are accessible from mobile application using SugarCRM Admin Studio. You can expose custom modules and restrict using in built team and role structure of SugarCRM.

Calendar and Activity Management: Your calendar and calls, meetings and tasks are available on the mobile app for creation and updation.

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